ProPropertyNewsLDA Takes Steps to Minimize Environmental Pollution During Development Work

LDA Takes Steps to Minimize Environmental Pollution During Development Work

LAHORE: The LDA DG/Lahore Commissioner Mohammad Ali Randhawa recently briefed the Judicial Water and Environment Commission about the steps being taken to protect the environment during ongoing development work in the city.

In line with court orders, various measures, such as rooftop gardening, are being implemented to minimize environmental pollution.

LDA, Parks, and Horticulture Authority (PHA), traffic police, Metropolitan Corporation of Lahore (MCL), and other departments are working together to ensure environmental protection.

Additionally, the commissioner emphasized that a timeline would be given to all departments to implement court instructions, and operations would be conducted to eliminate encroachments from greenbelts in the city.

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The MCL, LDA, and PHA will work together to protect greenery and greenbelts, while the traffic police and Traffic Engineering and Planning Agency (Tepa) will ensure smooth traffic flow around development projects.

The commissioner stated that concrete measures were being taken to promote rooftop gardening under corporate social responsibility, and all departments were working together on the Samanabad underpass and Akbar Chowk projects.

On court orders, expert consultants from the private sector will be hired to take environmentally friendly measures.

The DG also emphasized that officers must critically examine all such cases to prevent illegality and improve governance.


  1. Every Bureaucrat has a regime in his mind. How they can work together. ?
    Their Lack of coordinations has made worst living of Lahore citizens.
    Department are unable to work with science or semetery like Water supply pipes are passing through sewerage gutters. Minor leakages caused mixing and polluting drinking water and it leads many health and hygienic problems.
    You may say that here problems are interconnected but departments can never unite or work in coordinations.

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