ProPropertyNewsLHC Decision Allows Leasing of Land to Pakistan Army for Agriculture

LHC Decision Allows Leasing of Land to Pakistan Army for Agriculture

LAHORE: The Lahore High Court (LHC) has suspended its previous ruling that prevented the Punjab caretaker government from leasing land to the Pakistan Army for corporate farming.

The lease, which was intended for 20 years, faced opposition after a petition was filed by Ahmad Rafay Alam on behalf of the Public Interest Law Association of Pakistan.

In March, the Punjab government signed an agreement to allocate approximately 45,267 acres of land in the Bhakkar, Khushab, and Sahiwal districts to the Pakistan Army for Corporate Agriculture Farming (CAF).

However, the LHC halted the implementation of the plan, citing the caretaker government’s lack of constitutional and legal authority to make such decisions.

In response, the caretaker Punjab government filed an appeal with the LHC, challenging the court’s stay order.

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During the hearing, the court, led by Justice Ali Baqar Najafi, reviewed the government’s plea and decided to suspend its previous ruling on the matter.

The agreement between the military, the Punjab government, and private firms involves converting barren and under-cultivated land into fertile agricultural land.

The Punjab government will provide the land, while the army will utilize its resources to manage the project.

Furthermore, the private sector will invest and provide support, including the supply of fertilizers.

It is worth noting that, under the agreement, a portion of the revenue generated from cultivation will go to the Punjab government for development and research in the agriculture sector.

While the remaining revenue will be used for subsequent crops and the expansion of the project.

Source: DAWN

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