ProPropertyNewsLHC Disposes Off Sheikh Rashid’s Petition of De-Sealing Lal Haveli

LHC Disposes Off Sheikh Rashid’s Petition of De-Sealing Lal Haveli

RAWALPINDI: The appeal of former interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed about the de-sealing of Lal Haveli was dismissed by the Lahore High Court (LHC), Rawalpindi Bench, Justice Mirza Waqas Rauf, on Tuesday.

According to Malik Saddique Awan, the Additional Attorney General of Pakistan (AAGP), except for its top level, the whole Lal Haveli was sealed.

He asserted that every news report regarding the de-sealing of Lal Haveli that appeared in various newspapers was false and baseless.

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It is to note that Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, the leader of the Awami Muslim League (AML), appealed to the Lahore High Court (LHC), Rawalpindi Bench, to stop the entire sealing of Lal Haveli, which was rejected by the court.

Furthermore, Muhammad Asif Khan, the ETPB’s deputy administrator, stated that they would submit a reference against 5-Marla of Lal Haveli’s ownership claim at the court’s request.

“The former interior minister did not provide Lal Haveli’s ownership records in court and the court has ordered that a reference be made against 5-Marla’s ownership before the ETPB chairman,” the sources claimed.

Asif said that Lal Haveli was sealed, and the court dismissed the petition on its de-sealing, claiming that Sheikh Rashid’s request to halt proceedings against Lal Haveli had previously been denied by the lower court since Lal Haveli was government property.

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According to legal professionals, the former interior minister will be charged with violating sections 420, 468, and 495 in the Lal Haveli case.

Recently, all 7 apartments, including 2 units from Lal Haveli and 5 adjacent units, were sealed by the ETPB, police, and FIA personnel.

Earlier, Sheikh Rashid’s appeal opposing the directives to leave Lal Haveli had been denied by a civil court in Rawalpindi.


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