ProPropertyNewsLWMC Struggles to Curb Illegal Solid Waste Dumping in Lahore

LWMC Struggles to Curb Illegal Solid Waste Dumping in Lahore

LAHORE: The Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) is facing challenges in curbing the ongoing problem of illegal solid waste dumping in the city.

According to sources, the individuals involved in these illicit activities allegedly continue to operate with the complicity of certain officials.

The primary culprits behind illegal waste dumping are reported to be mini-loader and rickshaw drivers, along with staff members working on mini-trucks owned by private housing societies.

Simultaneously, LWMC teams responsible for primary waste collection have been criticized for arriving late at various locations, causing considerable inconvenience to the general public.

A resident living near the Lahore Expo Center voiced concerns, stating, “We witness daily incidents where people riding motorcycle rickshaws come here and unlawfully dump significant waste. Unfortunately, no one from the company intervenes.”

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Furthermore, residents alleged that LWMC initially used a vast ground in front of the Expo Center as a temporary dumping and collection point.

However, due to complaints from Expo Center officials, foreign event attendees, and nearby Johar Town residents, the company relocated to this point, seemingly outside the city.

Despite this change, residents claim that illegal dumping continues in the area, leading to suspicions of collusion with LWMC staff.

In addition to these issues, LWMC teams have reportedly been slow to respond to waste collection requests in various parts of the city, sometimes leaving waste unattended until late in the day.

Residents in other areas have also reported illegal waste dumping, raising concerns about the effective enforcement of waste management regulations.

While there are suspicions of supervisors’ involvement in facilitating illegal dumping, enforcement staff (inspectors) have been proactive in raiding such sites and imposing fines on violators.

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According to LWMC’s spokesperson, Mr. Umar Chaudhry, around 3,000 rickshaws, mini-loaders, vans, and carriers are involved in unlawful waste dumping.

Besides, the company has also initiated efforts to regulate these vehicles by designating specific dumping sites. Approximately 700 rickshaws have already been tagged for this purpose.

Moreover, the LWMC has planned to charge private housing societies for waste generated within their communities.

To address the issue of illegal waste dumping, the company has imposed fines, impounded vehicles, and filed FIRs against violators.

While LWMC’s Managing Director, Babar Sahib Din, was unavailable for comment, the company remains committed to addressing the challenge of illegal waste dumping in Lahore.

Source: DAWN

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