ProPropertyNewsMinistry for Overseas Pakistanis Takes Steps to Protect Properties of Pakistani Expatriates

Ministry for Overseas Pakistanis Takes Steps to Protect Properties of Pakistani Expatriates

ISLAMABAD: The Ministry for Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development has launched a new initiative to protect Pakistani expatriates’ properties.

According to the details, the ministry has proposed a new bill to address overseas Pakistanis’ challenges concerning their properties overseas.

The document issued by the ministry highlights that approximately 9 million Pakistanis live and work in various countries around the world and contribute significantly to their home country’s socio-economic development.

However, there is no direct mechanism to offer them solutions for protecting their properties.

To address this issue, the ministry had previously proposed the establishment of Special Courts for Overseas Pakistanis through an Ordinance or Act of Parliament.

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The Cabinet Division reviewed and approved the proposal titled ‘Establishment of Special Courts (Overseas Pakistanis Property), Act/Ordinance 2022’. Though, it has not been promulgated under Article 89 of the Constitution.

Additionally, the ministry has submitted the proposal summary to the Prime Minister’s office through the Law & Justice Division.

The Prime Minister’s office has reportedly instructed the ministry to consult with all stakeholders before proceeding with the proposal.

To comply with these instructions, the ministry has shared the summary with several departments, including the Ministry of Information Technology and Communication, Islamabad High Court, Office of the Chief Commissioner ICT, Law & Justice Division, Finance Division, Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF), Overseas Pakistanis Commission Punjab, and Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Once the departments submit their reviews, the bill will be processed for the ordinance.

This new initiative by the Ministry for Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development is expected to offer much-needed protection and support to the overseas Pakistani community in safeguarding their properties.


  1. Please act promptly
    Qabza groups have occupied overseases pakistani properties.
    The Kangro courts are the laziest in the commnity of world courts.
    Judges living on the tax of down trodden public have failed to provide fair justice to pakistani
    in the country and overseas.
    The beaucrates have involved the public in red tappism and corruption.
    Everyone is busy in looting and plundering the public .

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