ProPropertyNewsMWMC Initiates ‘Social Mobilization’ Campaign Clean Multan

MWMC Initiates ‘Social Mobilization’ Campaign Clean Multan

MULTAN: Multan Waste Management Company (MWMC) is taking a proactive approach to make the ongoing “Clean Multan” campaign a success.

According to the details, the company has launched a “Social Mobilization” drive that aims to raise awareness about the importance of cleanliness in the city.

The spokesman of MWMC stated that the social mobilizers have been dispatched to various parts of the city to distribute informational brochures and set up awareness camps to educate the public on cleanliness.

Additionally, door-to-door awareness campaigns have also been launched, appealing to citizens to properly dispose of their household waste and not litter the streets and roads.

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Besides, shopkeepers are being encouraged to clean their shops before closing, so that the waste can be efficiently collected by the company’s workers, he added.

Similarly, commercial institutions are being requested to install waste drums outside their buildings to promote cleanliness.

With the support of the community, the official claimed, the MWMC is confident that the Clean Multan campaign will yield positive results and help maintain a healthier environment for the residents of Multan.

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