ProPropertyNewsNAB Summons Zulfi Bukhari Over Al-Qadir University Land Controversy

NAB Summons Zulfi Bukhari Over Al-Qadir University Land Controversy

RAWALPINDI: Former special assistant to the prime minister Tehreek-e-Insaf and leader of Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf Zulfi Bukhari has been summoned by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in relation to the transfer and purchase of land for a university in Punjab.

NAB has also requested that Bukhari provide a registry record of the purchase of the land from a private housing society.

Bukhari has stated that he is being summoned as a witness and believes he is being targeted as a revenge tactic.

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According to the details, PTI Chief Imran Khan’s dream Al-Qadir University offered admission to 41 students and enrolled only 60 students since its establishment in 2021.

It was also shared that the university has not yet been recognized as a university by the Punjab government.

The institute charges fees from its students despite being registered as a trust, and its expenses are reportedly being covered by a businessman according to an agreement.

The land for the university was initially donated by a businessman and transferred to Bukhari before being transferred to the trust.

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