ProPropertyNewsNOC of Nova City Phase 1 Peshawar Cancelled Owing to Document Tampering

NOC of Nova City Phase 1 Peshawar Cancelled Owing to Document Tampering

PESHAWAR: The Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) of Charsadda has canceled the No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Nova City Phase 1 Peshawar for failing to provide the necessary documents and tampering with documents.

The CEO of Nova City, Ch Junaid, is allegedly involved in the re-sale of plots from KP Enclave under the name of Nova City Phase 1.

As per the details, the TMA Charsadda has sent a memo to Mr. Daud Jan, the Managing Director of Accurate Developer Pvt LTD, instructing him to remove all advertisements, billboards, and signboards associated with Nova City Phase 1 Charsadda/Peshawar Division within seven days.

If they fail to comply, the encroachment squad of TMA Charsadda and the District Administration Charsadda will remove the advertisements and seal the offices/customer care center of Nova City, which will be at their own expense and risk.

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The TMA Charsadda has also forwarded copies of the memo to various officials, including the Deputy Commissioner Charsadda, Assistant Commissioner (HQ) Charsadda, and the CEO of Cantonment Board Peshawar, requesting their cooperation in removing all billboards and signboards related to Nova City Charsadda/Peshawar Division.

Notably, the cancellation of the NOC and the subsequent removal of advertisements and signboards have caused concern among investors and customers of Nova City Phase 1.

Furthermore, the TMA Charsadda has urged the public to exercise caution and verify the authenticity of any property related to Nova City Phase 1 before investing in it.


  1. Request from government
    Please make sure that any advertisement from any kind of society or product must be approved from government before it reached to citizens… Believe me ,our Nation is very simple and believe every thing on roads wht they see…
    Help people , help Pakistan….
    Play ur roles a request from all the authorities….
    Save people of Pakistan

  2. The TMA and the concerned housing authority must be held responsible for any losses of the common people who invested in such fakè housing societies.
    this is all due to the government is not investing in R&D and Value Addition industry of agricuture products.

    1. TMA Charsada gave NOC to Nova City in Apr 2022 and canceled in Feb 2023. During this time period thousands of people invested in NOVA…Who is responsible for this… only Government and TMA Charsada….

  3. Everything is Fine. The NOC is Already cleared.The TMO wants Bribe(Rishwat) Millions of Rupees from this Biggest Project of Pakhtunkhwa Nova City Peshawer which they are refusing to pay and answering everything in court and has sought out this issue with commissioner Peshawer.Nothing to worry your investment is safe you can contact me If wants any proof on 03486214621 whats app or Direct call

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