ProPropertyNewsPakistani Business Tycoon Announces Housing Society for Martyrs’ Families

Pakistani Business Tycoon Announces Housing Society for Martyrs’ Families

ISLAMABAD: Renowned Pakistani entrepreneur, Chaudhry Abdul Majeed, has made a groundbreaking announcement to establish a housing society exclusively for the families of martyred individuals who served in the Pakistan Army and police.

In an interview with Daily Jang, Majeed expressed his commitment to providing plots free of cost to the relatives of fallen heroes serving in the security forces.

He also emphasized that all necessary amenities, including water, electricity, gas, and other facilities, would be provided to these families without any charges.

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Majeed stated, “Our martyrs are the pride of our nation.”

Furthermore, Majeed condemned the recent arson attacks on army installations that occurred on May 9th.

He asserted that those responsible for the desecration of martyrs’ monuments should not be pardoned, urging for no leniency to be shown towards the arsonists.

In his quest for justice, Majeed revealed his upcoming plans to travel to Australia in the coming days.

Upon his return, he intends to organize a grand national ceremony in Islamabad, where he will extend invitations to the Prime Minister, federal ministers, chiefs of the armed forces, members of parliament, and national heroes.

Source: APP


    1. No precedent was seen before in country’s history . A great gesture of highly acclaimed nature by this gentleman. On the other hands why this sort of thinking were never seen those helms of affairs at GhQ. As almost hundred percent of national budget allocated to them uselessly rather to be spend over health , education ,food m clean drinking waters for humans n animals of the country.

      1. GHQ provides free of cost 7 marla plots in all DHAs to families of martyred. FC and Rangers are building 5 to 7 marla houses for their fallen soldiers in their towns and villages.

      2. This man biggest fraud and scammer in real estate industry. Ya just naam use kar ke shudha ki families ke sath be fraud kar jye ga .. Ya tycon nahi land mafia hai .. Is waqt be gulshan e kashmir ke gareeb logon ki zameen par kabza kar raha hai .. Aur illegal Society chala raha hai … Shayad app logon ki nazar mai fraudi business tycon hota hai .. Chor ko hero bana kar pesh kar rahe hain

      3. Unfortunately, we as a nation comment on all those matters which we don’t have any knowledge. Army is the first institute which introduced a very comprehensive Shuhada (martyr) package.

      4. GHQ provide flats to shuhada free of cost , take care of their children including their guaranteed admission in APS and free education . They are kept as Army family. 100% budget claim need reconsideration please

      5. GHQ already have a dedicated W&R directorate to support shuhuda’s families. Shuhuda’s families are given compensation and plots are also given to the families. Moreover special vacancies are also provided to their sons and daughters for their selection in Army. Army is always there to serve the nation and acknowledge the Martyr’s sacrifices. They can’t return their father/son to the families but they will do whatever they can to support the families of shuhuda.

        Please don’t get yourself trapped into the false agendas of enemies of this country.

      6. Businessman apnay baap ko bhi free plot na day….baghair matalab kay…
        Shakal say manhoos nazar a raha hy…
        He will reap benefits later on from the authorities…and here bunch of stupid are e saying wah wah brainers

      7. Who told you that there is no such arrangements in army for martyrs families. It’s very much there but you have closed eyes to to see such arrangements.
        You have been so brain washed by the previous anti state and anti army propeganda that without knowing the facts start blaming state and army.
        Pl be rational and also see quidance before throwing such statement.

      8. GHQ is already taking utmost care of Armed Forces Shujafas‘ families and disabled persons for their well being including health, education and financial needs on its own and through Fauji Foundation and Army Welfare Trust.

    2. Almost 80,000 Civilinas also Martyrs including APS innocent Childrens, what about them, the quantity if civilians Casualties are much more than Army. I think we should change the country name into The KHAKI REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN.

  1. All those who die while performing their official duties, in whatever field, are martyrs, not just those in the Army and Police. This misconception about ‘martyrdom’ should be corrected.

    No emotionalism please.

    1. Those who who were martyred in the path of Almighty from forces at their youth before marriage their siblings one from those be also given the chance if his or her parents are not alive of course he could be unanimous from the siblings

    2. ofcourse is mulk ke badnasebe ha idr har manjan bikta ha or karobari lashoon pr bhi siysat krtay ya mohtram ab khoob arboo kamain ga or arboo ka khurd burd hoga naam use hoga shuhda hamaray shuhda

      1. An opportunist cashing in on the latest trend , singing praises of those who died because of wrong government policies just so that he can have a free hand to become richer

  2. I think the people who died in bomb blast , terrrost attacm in school also be the part of this.
    Army still give houses to the people who died in attacks . So please consider civilians also.

  3. This hypocrite,self assertive, bigotry man have not handover the possession of our plots in faisal residecia for the last 15 years. Even the land has not been levelled. Just for seek of point scoring and to covers up his corruption he is trying to lift the balls of establishment

  4. Martyrs are in heaven anyway. Please think and help those in living hell and no where to look up to!!

  5. Point well taken.
    All employees of Govt service who die during the performance of their official duties should be

    honoured in all such overtures. Yes, Police n Army Officials are comparatively more highlighted and get more attention of all such initiatives.

  6. It would be a great service to the martyrs of Pakistan armed forces and police.the gesture is highly appreciable.

  7. ماشااللہ بہت اچھی کاوش ہے اور اس نیک نیتی پر خراج تحسین پیش کرتے ہیں۔ سب اپنے پاکستانی بھائی بہن پیں جن سے زیادتیاں ہوئیں ریاست کی طرف سے انکا ردعمل آنا بھی اپنی جگہ جائز ہے اور پولیس کے جو شہداء ہیں یہ آفر انکے لیے بھی ہو تو زبردست ہے۔

  8. Another malik riaz in the making.
    A Gesture to make a good relationship with establishment 🤑🤑🤑

  9. Tout of the Chowkidar are following absurd methods yo seek fame. Nation us fed up of the do called saviors and their notorious designs

  10. ویسے پاکستان آرمی نے بھی اپنے شہداء کے لیے فلیٹس وغیرہ بناے ہیں مگر صرف آفیسرز کے لیے جے سی او یا سپاہی کے لیے کچھ نہیں سنا ہے چھوٹے سٹاف کے لیے جو پیسے رکھے گئے تھے وہ جنرل کیانی کا بھائی لے کے بھاگ گیا شاید ابھی تک مفرور ہے یہ ایک اچھی چیز ہے اپنے شہداء کو خراج عقیدت پیش کرنے کے لیے لیکن دہشتگردی کی جنگ جو بھی شہید ہوا اسے بھی اس میں شامل کرنا چاہیے افغان فراڈ میں شامل ہو کر ہم نے اپنے جوان بوڑھے عورتیں لڑکیاں اور چھوٹے بچے بچیاں سب کی قربانی دی ملکی معیشت برباد ہو گئی کچھ بےغیرت بےضمیر اور بیوقوف جرنیلوں کی وجہ سے ملک تقریباً کنگال ہو گیا ہے مگر ابھی تک جوابدہی نہیں ہوئی جیسے مشرف کو قانون سے بچا کر باہر بھیج دیا گیا کیا ملک کو برباد کرنے والے قانون سے بالاتر ہیں موجودہ فوجی قیادت کو سوچنا اور جواب دینا ہو گا

  11. Good step for Martyr’s family, but why only this time. He should make free houses for civil servants families too those unable to make their residents in Pakistan. He should also open charities for poor people if he is true serving to the nation’s people.

  12. Brother don’t forget to give this contract to NLC or FWO they are such an amazing construction firms ..

    1. And ch is making fool of us and shuda
      His coffers will be full of money in the coming days.
      He will be blue eyed of Politicians, Bureaucrats and Establishment.

  13. Absolutely my point. In spite of being from a military family with two famous martyrs, I wholeheartedly agree with you. In fact, even civilians who get killed in such circumstances are martyrs too but unfortunately, no one recognizes them.

  14. Ch saib they are akready given plits by Army abd their orginizarion. You need not to jump like monkey. Every body is trying to be oppotunist and benifited from 9 May.

  15. All martyrs’ families are already provided a plot free of cost. In addition, families are provided with same pay and pension, as if person was alive + lump sump one time amount + any loan waiver + insurance amount etc. Government is already taking good care.

  16. This man biggest fraud and scammer in real estate industry. Ya just naam use kar ke shudha ki families ke sath be fraud kar jye ga .. Ya tycon nahi land mafia hai .. Is waqt be gulshan e kashmir ke gareeb logon ki zameen par kabza kar raha hai .. Aur illegal Society chala raha hai … Shayad app logon ki nazar mai fraudi business tycon hota hai .. Chor ko hero bana kar pesh kar rahe hain

  17. Armed forces give hundreds of acres of land and many expensive residential and commercial plots to its top hierarchy, along high pensions and highly paid jobs in civil/public organisations. All in recognition of their services in manipulating in public/political system of the country. Strange they Never thought of establishing any such society for shohda families. What they give to shoha families on name of welfare is peanut.

  18. Well done dear Chaudhary Abdul Majeed.
    Allah bless you and give reward here and after too.

  19. Pehlay apni normal societies tou chalao. Faisal bill phasa hua 3 saal sy paisay phsy hue. And no progress.

  20. وہ مزدور جو رات دن پسینہ بہاتا ھے اور جب وہ اسی چھت سے حادثہ میں گر کر مر جاتا ھے اس کی بیوہ بچے بھی ساتھ بھوک اور افلاس سے مر جاتے ہیں ان کے لیے کیا ھے نہ پلاٹ نہ پینشن نہ ھیلتھ نہ فارم ھاؤس نہ کمرشل پلازے اور نہ ھی چند سانسیں

  21. An opportunist cashing in on the latest trend , singing praises of those who died because of wrong government policies just so that he can have a free hand to become richer

  22. Nice initiative, a question mark for custodian of the state and constitution.
    The constitution has commanded to the custodian of the state to provide education, health and accommodation to the people of the state. (Ref first 40 clauses of the constitution)
    Custodians are busy in their own interests and people of the state
    are enjoying ignorance.

  23. Chaudhry Abdul Majeed is a very good person, the work he has done in his societies etc. is very good and his announcement of plot and facility for martyrs is welcome.

  24. لوگ اپنے ناجائز کام نکلوانے کے لئے کیسے کیسے طریقے ڈھونڈ لیتے ہیں

    پراپرٹی کے کاروبار میں آپ کو اثر لوگوں کی مدد کی ضرورت ہوتی ہے

  25. Which martyrs plz define.
    1947 waley?
    1965 waley?
    1971 waley?
    1992 waley?

    Which one?

  26. All those gentlemen criticising this businessman with correction in the definition of martyrdom and whatnot should understand that this is an act balancing the insult to the martyrs done on May 9th. By the way, he is not spending from your pocket. Relax. It’s not your money

  27. Very good work by Ch.Sb. an encouraging act ,a welfare for the families of martyrs.May Allah accept it (Aameen Summa Aameen)

  28. Good initiative but if he is ‘really mean it’ he should go for other than army, airforce and navy, as their families get handsome benefits including houses.

  29. Imran Khan tum sab loggon say zayad muhabbat Watan hai. Tum loog boot polish karna chooor dou bss.

  30. Chaudry Majeed should stop licking boots of Army and focus on his own projects. The fact is that 25 pakistanis were murdered in cold blood by army on 9th May. They were also martyrs. Pakistan is on a turning point of getting freedom from army generals and people like majeed will regret later on what they said.

  31. Bloody opportunist pleasing the Army to benefit himself and make millions. The martyrs of army and police made enough illegal money for their next generations. Help those martyrs who didn’t take bribe from anyone or used public money to increase their assets. This guy is a big chamcha of army, enough said!

  32. hahaha nice political move. Now ch Saab seems to be interested in politics. He is requested to please first clean his already housing societies of thieves and car hijackers and secondly though he is Chaudhary as well and will for sure against Imran Khan but so far majeed is not that bad so don’t hand shake with pdm thieves and if he does he would be called thief as well.

  33. Shuhda k name pe DHA mein Jo allotment hoti ha, property dealers shuhda ki families se fraud krte hain. Ya dealers un ki families ko calls kr k bolte hain k aap k plot ki koi value nai… market gir rahi ha… ya plot hamen sale kr do… aur market value se ya log 50% kaam offer de k shuhda plot khareed lete hain aur phr high margin pe sale krte hain. Afsos ki baat in dealers ko information army k department k through hi militi ha. Shuhda se legally sab kuch approve krwate hai phr law b kuch nai kr sakta…

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