ProPropertyNewsPunjab Govt Grants PKR 3Bn for Two Mega Projects in Lahore

Punjab Govt Grants PKR 3Bn for Two Mega Projects in Lahore

LAHORE: The Government of Punjab has released PKR 3 billion for two mega projects under the Lahore Infrastructure Development Initiative.

The projects include the Samanabad underpass and the Shahdara Multi-level Grade Separation Project.

As per the details, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has received an initial amount of PKR 500 million to start the structure work on the Samanabad structure, while the remaining amount has been granted for the Shahdara restricting project.

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As per the details, the Samanabad project will include the construction of a 500-meter-long two-way underpass, which is expected to complete in 13 months.

Furthermore, the development project will improve the traffic flow, preventing congestion and bottlenecks on Multan Road.


  1. Instead of investing in intercity and intracity trains, the countless Sher Shah Suris of Punjab (of all the places) keep building roads. What goes on those roads? Different kinds of rickshaws, motorcycles and foreign cars. Good thing different buyback programs have almost materialized so we can justify the building of some of these roads. But, the illiterate Kabadders, who have become self-taught marketing geniuses in the industry of politics, are creating panic again. These roads are also used for foreign buses. Have they placed their orders in Karachi’s assembly plants or have they decided to go the Dulla Bhatti route? Have they decided to partner with foreign nations against their own country’s interests once more?

  2. There is no Master Plan for the city! Master Plan will include Traffic Master Plan as well and it will be completely open to and subject to Public Consultation!!!

  3. Think about masses facing imminent threat of starvation instead of white elephant bulshit projects like before which have pushed PakistanUnderFascism to brink of state default.

  4. Did we complete the restoration of our brothers & sisters effected from flood please? If No than we don’t have right to hurt them by such advertisements please.

  5. Assalamoalikum! Alhamdolillah, LDA is doing well but very important that going to start few mega projects in Lahore we welcom but first of all you should pay your attention to all over the city’s worst condition of the roads are damage no street lights are on on the roads as well as on the flyovers no cleaning work on the streets, roads, bridges, fliovers and no drain cleaning work, If you go first to maintain t than he city infrastructure by making muddy area green or cemented cleaning drains road sweeping, street lights roads and flyovers where needed than to mega projects. Thanks and regards.🌹

  6. I have been over 3 years experience in bahria Town Karachi marketing,working on inventory for plots, commercial plots,and private projects.
    I am associate engineer of telecom and safety inspector better know safety precautions for sign boards.

  7. As former mayor of Bogota, Enrique Peñalosa, said, “Trying to solve traffic problems by building more roads is like putting out a fire with gasoline.”

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