ProPropertyNewsRawalpindi Administration to Launch Anti-Encroachment Operations in Trunk Bazaar

Rawalpindi Administration to Launch Anti-Encroachment Operations in Trunk Bazaar

RAWALPINDI: The Rawalpindi Administration has decided to launch an anti-encroachment operation on the Iqbal Road, also known as Trunk bazaar.

The administration has pledged to free Rawalpindi encroachment to prevent traffic congestion and improve commercial activities.

The administration will also launch several operations against the land mafia and encroachers in different parts of Raja Bazaar.

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According to the details, Deputy Commissioner Shoaib Ali also discussed the problems faced by the business community and was told that the encroachments have affected the businesses by many folds as fewer people visit the area due to encroachments.

The traders and shopkeepers also mentioned that there are no parking spaces in the bazaar and the visitors face extreme traffic issues.

Furthermore, the DC shared that the administration is putting its efforts to overcome such challenges.


  1. This act will be much appreciated by customers, shop owners and visitors, whereas land mafia will not be happy.
    Authorities must take action as per law by taking into consideration about poor people using small stalls to provide them suitable place, so that they earn easily for their families. Also it needs regular monitoring and keep an eye on culprits inside authority who took bribe to allow the people for misusing the areas etc.

  2. بھائی جان دوکاندار تو خود اپنا سامان فٹ پاتھ پر رکھ کر بیٹھ گئے ہیں اور جو نہیں بیٹھے وہ خود دوکان کے سامنے ریھڑی بانوں کو اپنی دوکان کے سامنے کھڑا کرتے ہیں اور کم از کم ایک ہزار روزانہ کرایہ لیتے ہیں س پورے گھن چکر میں کارپوریشن کے لوگ بھی ملوث ہیں اور عوام کا جینا حرام کیا ہوا ہے ان لوگوں نے

    1. آپ بالکل صحیح کہہ رہے ہیں جمیل بھائی ۔ بائک يا گاڑی تو دور کی بات کچھ اوقات میں تو پیدل چلنا بھی مشکل ہو جاتا ہے ۔ ہمت کر کے کسی کو سمجھانا بھی چاہو تو اُلٹا گلے پڑتے ہیں ۔ اُمید کرتا ہوں کہ اس بار یہ معاملہ مکمل طور پر حل ہو جائے گا اور قواعد و ضوابط بھی بنا دیئے جائیں انتظامیہ کی طرف سے۔ جرمانے کرنا شروع کریں تو شاید واپس ایسی حرکت
      نا کریں یہ لوگ اور خاص طور پر کارپوریشن سٹاف کو جرمانہ کرنا چاہیے اگر اُنکے علاقے میں دوبارہ ایسا ہو ۔

      1. I have personally posted on media many times but thanks yo DC who has finally decided to take action. Not all some shopkeepers are part of thos game. Mostly people of local department ae making money and are fully involved in it. Thanks to DC who has taken interest in public’s matter.

    2. I request DC rwp to make a comprehensive plan for this. Some suggestions……
      1. Raja Bazaar may be turned Into pedestrian only market just like anarkali bazaar in lhr.
      2. Other markets should be made one way traffic only to deal with traffic jam. issues.
      3. Special lane should be reserved for ambulances on the liaqat Road.

  3. Adiala road par bhe vendor ne Qabza kiya hai .
    DUKAN WALAY acha khasa rent laitay hai .
    Subah ka time Adiala road buhut open hotey hai.yaha bhe action le .Traffic ka bada masla hai .

  4. Sorry to write ✍️. I have been watching this for too many years. All this is impossible because of the corruption in authority… any one can bet

    1. Action is taken , but as the authorities moves away , they do encroaches again …Some permanent solution for stallers to be done or give them some alternate place to sell thier goods., After all they have to earn their living.

  5. It’ll seriously be a huge relief for the common man. You walk across all the major markets, be it Ganjmandi, Raja Bazar, Kashmiri Bazar, Bara market, College road (to name a few), you’ll hardly find foot paths. In fact every shopkeeper has taken minimum 10 feet. On top of it you’ll find the hand carts and rickshaw and suzuki mafia. My humble request is to take serious action against it so it end up, once and for all.

    1. What should small traders do who are simply trying to earn a living and unable to make ends meet in such severe inflation? They can’t afford the expensive rents and big bribes and as usual the corrupt govt administration is not facilitating them but lining their own pockets.
      If they are evicted they’ll end up either begging or stealing and robbing at gunpoint in desperation.
      This is not a decent proper solution. Its just a short cut cosmetic action to remove encroachments .

  6. The shopkeepers and business community are 100% involved in it will just an eyewash.The administration should do its duties to clear the roads in all markets for poor public

  7. اسلام علیکم۔
    جب میونسپل کارپوریشن کا عملہ منتھلی اور بھتہ لیکر ریڑھی اور چھاپے والوں کی سرپرستی کر رہے ہونگے تو کون ان کو پوچھ سکتاہے۔ اور یہ مافیا چاہے تو دو گھنٹوں میں یہ تجاوزات ختم کروا سکتے ہیں۔

  8. یکشن لیا جاتا ہے، لیکن جیسے ہی حکام ہٹ جاتے ہیں، وہ دوبارہ تجاوزات کرتے ہیں… سٹال لگانے والوں کا کوئی مستقل حل نکالا جائے یا انہیں اپنا سامان بیچنے کے لیے کوئی متبادل جگہ دی جائے۔، آخر کار انہیں اپنی روزی کمانا ہے۔

    1. Hi, yes you are right. The authroities should give them proper space.
      But 8 years back they were given a proper space near liaqat bagh teritory. A proper market based area was developed. But none of the stalls mafia went there. Because they want stalls near their areas, they want stalls on illegal pathways . Still they have the options of itwar bazars, and sasta bazars options. But just to save some amount that you have to give it Govt they do not go there.

  9. Ehsaas GOCART program was launched by the previous government in Islamabad to discourage encroachment on footpaths in commercial areas.
    But the encroahers , most ghareeb BADMASH have resurfaced. These ghareeb BADMASHs pay not a single penny in taxes, use compressor on gas lines, put water pumps on main water lines and use kundas for stealing electricity.

  10. An action on Service road west ,Gangal is also requested . Where marble factories have encroached a big area ,and spreading garbage and debris of marbles . The dust particles of marbles are main cause of pollution and causing respiratory diseases.

  11. I am 55 years old, and spend most of my life in this area, as far as I can remember no one has solved this encroachment problem in the past and I can bet no one has guts to solve it in future, why? Because the only reason is that the department is corrupt and the level of corruption is far deep than anyone can thought, so don’t be very optimistic just wait for the decision from ALMIGHTY.

  12. Hi,
    As everyone has appreciated this act. But the action is only taken against some specail comunity and not against afghanis. Because when corporation staff take action against them the whole comunity stands against corporation. And this highly not acceptable. The corporation should come with more power. Because the things afghanis do, they misbehave with ladies, kids elders. All the illetrtate comunity from afghanistan have migrated here in pakistan. Please do take quick action against all of them either its pakistanis or afghanis. To be honest I sometimes think, how come the shopkeepers and traders have not taken this action before. And one more suggestion if anyone from the unions or the marker presidents visit corporation offices for reliefs, first arrest them. Because it is an illegal demand. Not a single person went against this decesion.
    Many thanks. Much appreciated again. Please take quick action.

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