ProPropertyNewsRawalpindi Cantonment Board Adopts Strategies to Improve Financial Stability

Rawalpindi Cantonment Board Adopts Strategies to Improve Financial Stability

RAWALPINDI: The Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) has undertaken significant measures to enhance tax recovery and tackle the revenue shortfall that has resulted in outstanding payments to contractors worth millions of rupees.

In an effort to address these challenges, the tax branch has been divided into five wards to streamline revenue collection and expand the tax net.

The RCB, which faces financial constraints due to increasing non-developmental expenditures and relatively low revenue, has made slight increases to property contracts, including the cattle market and car parking spaces.

With a budget of Rs. 4 billion for the current fiscal year, the RCB allocates 60% of its funds to non-developmental expenditures.

This situation has led to delayed payments to contractors for completed development projects and maintenance work, resulting in their reluctance to bid for new projects due to cash flow difficulties.

To address these issues, the RCB has introduced reforms to diversify revenue streams and prioritize timely payments to contractors.

Two appointed superintendents, Rana Saleem, and Ayub Tabassum, have been entrusted with increasing revenue recovery, particularly property taxes.

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Besides, they are also responsible for identifying properties that are not currently in the tax net and ensuring their inclusion.

In addition, the contract for the cattle market at Bhatta Chowk has been awarded for Rs. 89.5 million, marking an increase from Rs. 80.6 million in the previous year.

Similarly, the contract for the parking area in the Potorhar area, connecting Hyder Road and Bank Road, has been awarded for Rs. 30.1 million, compared to Rs. 12 million in the previous year.

Source: Tribune


  1. The worst cantonment board in the country. All the staff from junior to most senior level takes bribes openly. They threaten people who go there for resolution of complaints. No civic service is provided despite charging heavy amounts in taxes. It is a dark spot on the name of civic agency. All the staff should be immediately transferred and new appointed to make it functional.

    1. Agreed CBR need an enthusiastic and energetic CEO, present CEO quite helpless to solve even minor basic amenities like water and sanitation. He has made main Peshawar Road so filthy no respectable personality like to stay a few mins near Mehrabad stop.

  2. CBR Tax collection procedure is totally non professional. That is just because for bribe. Their tax inspectors simply demand bribes and if not give them then they will calculate by himself assumption. Tax slabs should be define according to the plot size and fixed. Same like CDA.

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