ProPropertyNewsPolice Chief Bars Housing Schemes from Employing Private Guards

Police Chief Bars Housing Schemes from Employing Private Guards

RAWALPINDI: The Rawalpindi police chief has stopped private housing societies from hiring private security guards.

The City Police Officer (CPO) said during a press conference held at the Police Lines Headquarters regarding a crackdown on armed groups of private housing societies who have caused terror and fear in Chontra, a neighborhood outside of Rawalpindi.

As per the details, the police chief stated that if any private housing society wants to keep guards, they should hire the services of private security companies that are registered, have licensed weapons, and have guards in uniform.

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Police will use indiscriminate tactics to combat the land mafia as part of the National Action Plan (NAP). “I am assured that I would cleanse the area of unlicensed guns and private armed guards within the next ten days,” CPO Bukhari added.

“We have apprehensions that they could have any ties with terrorist organizations which is concerning for us,” he added.

The CPO reported that 17 search operations had been carried out by the police in the Chontra and Chakri regions.

He asserted that 730 suspects were detained, 350 charges were registered during the search operations, and 350 cases against the occupation mafia and illegal housing societies in Blue World City were lodged.

According to the CPO, more than 2,300 bullets, 181 Kalashnikovs, 76 rifles, 59 pistols, and 1 LMG were confiscated from the accused.

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The CPO briefed that at least 206 cases, including 39 cases against Abdullah City, 56 cases against Capital Smart City, and 49 cases against Multi Garden City were registered, while 11 murder cases, 9 terrorism, 18 attempted murder, 4 kidnappings, 14 cases of aerial firing, and 4 attacks on police were registered.

Besides, the CPO stated that the police will not let anyone occupy land unlawfully, and departmental proceedings were being conducted against police officers who have connections to the land mafia.

He stated that in addition to departmental action, criminal processes will be started against police officers who had previously favored the land mafia.


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