ProPropertyNewsRawalpindi Ring Road Project Progresses with Joint Venture Selection

Rawalpindi Ring Road Project Progresses with Joint Venture Selection

RAWALPINDI: A joint venture (JV) consisting of Asian Consulting Engineers and Botek Bosporus Technical consulting company has been chosen to validate the optimal route for Rawalpindi Ring Road as a third-party assessment.

The JV successfully secured the technical and financial bid, offering the lowest bid of Rs. 25 million while the Project Management Unit (PMU) had estimated Rs. 30 million for the project.

Among the four companies expressing interest in the bidding process, the JV of Asian Consulting Engineers and Botek Bosporus Technical consulting corporation emerged as the winning bidder.

Sources revealed that MM Pakistan did not participate, and the technical committee, led by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) Chief Engineer Dr. Habibul Haq Randhawa, assessed and rejected the bid of SKAF Consultants on technical grounds.

In a competition between the two JVs, the JV of Finite Engineering and Prime Engineering & Testing Consultant offered Rs. 32 million, while the Asian Consulting Engineers and Botek Bosporus Technical offered the lowest bid of Rs. 25 million.

The final decision was made during a meeting chaired by Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatha and attended by RDA Director General Saif Anwar Jappa and Chief Engineer Dr. Habibul Haq Randhawa.

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It was decided that the PMU would sign an agreement with the joint venture in the coming days, and the firm would commence work by the end of May, completing it within six months.

RDA’s chief engineer confirmed the development, stating that the third-party validation of the Rawalpindi Ring Road would commence soon.

The Punjab government had instructed the PMU to conduct international bidding to hire a consultant for the validation process after disqualifying two firms.

Previously, during the PTI’s tenure, two routes were planned for the project.

The 2020 alignment featured a 66.3-kilometer route from Rawat to Thalian, while the revised alignment in 2021 reduced the length to 38.3 kilometers, starting from Baanth at National Highway (N-5) and terminating at Thallian Interchange on Motorway M-2.

The total cost of the project was estimated at Rs. 33.7 billion, with Rs. 27 billion allocated for construction and Rs. 6.7 billion for land acquisition.

Source: DAWN


  1. Can any one tell that which rout has been selected for construction of rwp ring road project . i am facing issue of land transfer because of 2 maps of ring road

    1. AoA,

      I have worked in Project Managment Unit (PMU) as Assistant for Last 3 years. Still there is no route selected and it will be decided in third party assessment. Every thig is planned, Govt. will select 38.3 Km route as it seems because every coming Commissioner and Director General, RDA is focusing on 38.3 Km route apart from the fact that it will last only till 2035 and after that Govt. would have to build two more traffic lanes to cope with the future traffic increasing needs.

      1. Why are we seeing delays from last 4 years? Any specific reasons? And who’ll potentially win the construction bid do you have any idea? Will it be private construction company or same GoVt and army owned contractors like NLC,FWO،?

      2. Ring Road Termination at Thalian or M2 is the biggest issue, the main purpose of Ring Road is to bypass Heavy Traffic from Twin Cities (Gt Road Traffic of Peshawar – Lahore). There is no road or route beyond Thalian or M2, because these trucks will not be allowed on M2 or on Srinagar Highway. Ring Road Termination required on GT Road near Sangjani/Tarnol to get the desired purpose.

  2. شریف حکومت صرف لاہور میں کام کراتی ہے باقی شہروں وہاں کے شہری زمیندار ہیں راولپنڈی رینگ روڈ پچھلے 30 سالوں سے نقشے پر بن رہی ہے
    راولپنڈی کے شہری زنداباد پاکستان پاینداباد

  3. I hope the construction speeds up. What’s worrying is the pace at which the construction is carried out in this country. The constructors should pay heed to the quality of construction and the pace at which the construction is carried out. If you look at N-5 near Bahria Paradise Gate it’s been over 3 months and small patches haven’t yet been completed. I strongly recommend our officials to visit China to learn from them and look at their pace of construction. Being sluggish won’t take us anywhere, learn from our neighbors and see where they’ve reached with their hard work!!

    1. And this all happened just because of lack of exposure. Our leadership consume most of energy in taking revenge. Real state was only the hope which were boosting up but due to current economical situation everything collapsed.

    2. And the switching paradise commercial to different developers time to time. They have no fix plans for that too

    3. OMG, They will visit China as per your suggestion soon and only visit various sites, have fun and return with nothing. Only loss of Tax payers money.

  4. Mr. Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan is very keen and hard worker personality. I would like to request in the honour of Prime Minister to start the Project of Ring Road Rawalpindi. We all the residents of the Rawalpindi region will pray to you for ever and will never be forgotten. Thanking you

  5. The cost of sluggish acceleration and inability to timely deliver needs to be declared ‘Criminal’ offence; especially, when it effects the masses. Is anyone even calculating cost/ FE loss on fuel burnt because of traffic jams, congestions, pot-holes, demonstrations and public rallies?

  6. The loss of capital is double edged as govt looses FE/ US$, public looses time and meager resources in fuel expenses. As road infrastructure is built with Pak rupees, it’s pace and completion shouldn’t depend on foreign loans.

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