ProPropertyNewsRawalpindi to Get First Ever Circuit House

Rawalpindi to Get First Ever Circuit House

RAWALPINDI: The government has announced plans to construct the first-ever “Rawalpindi Circuit House”, a modern building that will house all district administrative offices in one place.

The project aims to streamline administrative work, cut down on travel time for employees, and provide a central location for citizens to access government services.

The Rawalpindi Circuit House will be built for Rs. 1 billion, with the Infrastructure Development Authority of Punjab (IDAP) collaborating with the private sector to undertake the massive project.

As per the details, the building will occupy 24 Kanal of land and have at least five floors, covering 84,466 square feet.

Currently, the district’s administrative offices are spread across the city, with employees having to travel long distances for important meetings.

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The circuit house will house the offices of 22 departments, including the commissioner, deputy commissioner, assistant commissioners, municipalities, and forests, under one roof.

Furthermore, the IDAP has invited applications from the private sector to participate in the construction of the Rawalpindi Circuit House, with interested parties having until April 7 to submit their applications.

Once completed, the circuit house is expected to offer modern amenities, making it a state-of-the-art facility for government employees and the public.

The project is expected to be a game-changer for Rawalpindi’s administrative setup, making it more efficient and accessible to citizens.

The officials claimed that the Rawalpindi Circuit House will provide a one-stop-shop for government services and improve the overall work environment for government employees.


  1. Is it going to improve service quality of government servants? Spend this money in education, health and basic needs of poor people

  2. Why it is called circuit house? I hope that it will not become a circus house where citizens are asked to go from one office to another. It should be simply called Citizens Facilitation Centre.
    The idea for a one window facility was suggested decades ago but no one had ever bothered. Passport issuance, NADRA, driving licence, birth and death certificates should be under one roof.

  3. What’s about Police 🚓🚨 department? Is it not part of this project? Or still, it is out-grouped conventionally considering it STEP son of Govt, and using it like a tissue paper📜

  4. Another grand scheme for Pakistans administration and retired army officers to suck up all the public funds and leave nothing for alleviating the public poverty. Wrong priorities. Shameful Sharifs and Zardaris, while millions of people are dying , starving and getting diseases the government doesn’t stop spending on itself.

    1. Retired Army officers have nothing to do with this it is Provincial Govt project. I dont know why retired officers has been dragged in this

  5. Its a good option to have one window operation and all offices centrally placed as it will be great facility for Pindiites

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