ProPropertyNewsRawalpindi Traffic Police Criticized for Lack of Enforcement on Busy Roads

Rawalpindi Traffic Police Criticized for Lack of Enforcement on Busy Roads

RAWALPINDI: Despite numerous press releases claiming crackdowns on traffic violations, the Rawalpindi Traffic Police have failed to effectively enforce traffic laws on the city’s busiest roads.

According to sources, major intersections such as Kutchery Chowk, Marrir Chowk, and Fawara Chowk are experiencing significant traffic congestion due to the lack of enforcement.

Moreover, the residents claimed that public transporters are violating parking and pick-up and drop-off rules in undesignated areas.

While traffic wardens are present, they are mostly engaged in negotiating with drivers and issuing challans to public service vehicles, with little attention given to traffic flow on the other side of the road.

Since the newly appointed Chief Traffic Officer Taimoor Khan took charge, no plans for improving traffic have been announced, a citizen complained.

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Additionally, a former senior police officer who worked in the traffic department blames weak leadership and increasing vehicle numbers, encroachments, and inefficiency of government agencies for the worsening traffic situation.

The public has also criticized the rude behavior of some traffic wardens, particularly those operating forklifts when issuing tickets to drivers.

Residents have expressed their frustration, citing the lack of interest from the district administration and police high-ups in addressing community concerns.

Despite numerous complaints, authorities have failed to address the issue, leaving citizens to navigate the city’s busy roads with little to no enforcement of traffic laws.

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