ProPropertyNewsRCB Fails to Launch Uplift Projects in FY22-23

RCB Fails to Launch Uplift Projects in FY22-23

RAWALPINDI: The Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) and the Chaklala Cantonment Board (CCB), which received funding for development initiatives totaling more than Rs. 800 million and Rs. 500 million, respectively, have been unable to begin any projects this fiscal year.

According to a senior RCB official, two factors are holding up the start of development works: the sluggish revenue recovery and current projects that aren’t yet finished.

According to him, the cantonment board depended on revenue from property taxes and fees charged for various services rather than receiving funding from the federal government.

He said that the civic body’s functioning had been hampered by the delayed recovery of property taxes.

The official also said that both boards had fallen short of their revenue recovery objectives in the previous fiscal year, with the RCB facing a shortfall of more than Rs. 110 million in its target through June 30, 2022.

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Both boards set aside Rs1.3 billion to be used for the overall completion of ongoing projects while the official reported that the RCB has begun the contracting process for projects worth Rs. 700 million.

The RCB, he claimed, had marketplaces and bazaars like Saddar and the Mall from which it earned sizable sums in the form of commercial property tax, but the CCB’s sources of income were more constrained.

As the PML-N was in control in Islamabad and the bulk of the CCB members were also elected on PML-N tickets, he said that there was no direct financing from the federal government and that the local MPs and CCB members had been ordered to secure funds from the federal government.

Besides, Raja Irfan Imtiaz, a PML-N politician and former vice president of the CCB, stated that no new programs had been implemented in the cantonment in the previous 6 months due to the nation’s deepening economic crisis.

He stated that it was anticipated that additional projects would begin next month to be finished by the conclusion of the current fiscal year.


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