ProPropertyNewsRDA’s Clampdown Against Housing Societies’ Militia Intensifies

RDA’s Clampdown Against Housing Societies’ Militia Intensifies

RAWALPINDI: According to sources, the enforcement division of the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), along with police and district government employees, carried out an operation in Chontra.

The officials destroyed illegal infrastructures of private housing societies that were not authorized by the civic body, including houses and hideouts of goons/private Afghan terrorist militia in Mouza Churan wala in the Rajhar region.

The RDA enforcement division was allegedly the target of an armed attack by an Afghan terrorist militia from the illegal Blue World City in the Rajhar forest.

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The sources informed that the civic body’s officials remained unharmed, while the Rawalpindi police refuted reports that there had been a shooting incident in the area.

However, the RDA officials acknowledged that they were subjected to heavy gunfire from the ‘armed thugs of Blue World City’.

They claimed that the DG RDA, police, and AC Saddar division handled the operation against illegal infrastructure improperly, endangering their lives.

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An RDA enforcement department employee told the sources that they were trapped in heavy firing by the goons of the housing society but their seniors in RDA were not attending phone calls.

He added that SP Saddar division had gone back to Rawalpindi to attend a meeting while AC Saddar had arrived late, leaving them at the mercy of armed gangs.

The employee stated that DG RDA continued to provide verbal instructions to his staff rather than issuing formal demolition orders or requesting police help as required by law.

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In the meantime, a police spokesman reported that during the operation in Chontra with the help of RDA and district government high officials, police had detained 2 guards of a private housing society and taken weapons from their possession.

He claimed that numerous armed guards from a private housing society left the area when they saw the police force, while another police official reported that the mafia opened fire on police in Daultala.

The official also said that police detained Samar and Wajib, 2 drug dealers, and that other drug mafia accomplices were able to flee the scene.

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