ProPropertyNewsRUDA to Turn Lahore Landfill Sites into Public Park

RUDA to Turn Lahore Landfill Sites into Public Park

LAHORE: The Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) has suggested transforming the Lahore Waste Management Company’s (LWMC) landfill sites at Mahmood Booti and Lakhdair into a large public park.

This proposal was put forward after it was found that the landfill sites were releasing methane gas and contaminating the groundwater table.

A senior official from RUDA stated that the organization believes that the landfill sites should be relocated in order to safeguard public health.

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Furthermore, the official mentioned that the land falls under RUDA’s jurisdiction as per the master plan, so they have approached LWMC for the relocation of the landfill sites.

RUDA officials are currently searching for appropriate alternative sites within the project area and will provide them to LWMC once the proposal is approved.


  1. Ravi River Project was initially about the building of a 40 km long lake so that the water table could be recharged and then comes this building a new city project and we don’t hear of the very important lake project anymore!!!!

  2. Before asking for comments, the prospective sites should be made public. Presently land being used for landfills should also be identified. All the compressive proposals should also be made public. To gather public participation.

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