ProPropertyNewsSection of G.T. Road Renamed as Potohar Avenue

Section of G.T. Road Renamed as Potohar Avenue

RAWALPINDI: The Commissioner Rawalpindi, Liaquat Ali Chattha led a meeting with senior officials to review the ongoing efforts to uplift Potohar Avenue, formerly known as the N-5 section of Grand Trunk (GT) Road from Rawat T-Chowk to Kutchery Chowk.

According to a notification from the National Highway Authority (NHA), the road has been officially renamed Potohar Avenue, with plans to renovate and revitalize the area to provide a more pleasant experience for visitors.

The commissioner emphasized the need to improve cleanliness and traffic management and eliminate encroachments along the newly renamed road.

Furthermore, the district administration has been instructed to pay special attention to these aspects, particularly in peri-urban union councils.

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To this end, an anti-encroachment drive was launched on February 24, with notices already served in all areas.

Besides, fines have been imposed in the second phase of the operation, with up to Rs700,000 in fines levied so far.

In the third phase, violators will face FIRs and their items displayed on roads, footpaths, and streets will be confiscated.

The commissioner directed officials to focus on the renovation of Potohar Avenue, which aims to showcase the unique culture of the region.

With these plans in motion, the renamed Potohar Avenue is poised to become a hub of activity, culture, and history, he noted.


  1. There is urgent need to do something about an illegal concrete batching plant just a short distance from T chowk . The heart trucks taking u turn have totally destroyed road. Additionally countless shinwaree hotels and shops have occupied road side illegally since long. There is no space on bypass roads under the pedestrian bridge also.

    I hope dome responsible NHA officials will assess and take remedial measures to restore GT Road to real GT Road. For now it is as bad as Raja Bazar all day long.

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