ProPropertyNewsSurizai Housing Scheme Proceeds after Land Issues Resolved

Surizai Housing Scheme Proceeds after Land Issues Resolved

PESHAWAR: The Surizai Housing Scheme (SHS) is set to proceed after the resolution of land issues that were hindering its launch.

A meeting was held on Wednesday, February 1st, which was attended by elders from Surizai and Tilaband and presided over by Peshawar Commissioner Riaz Mehsud.

The purpose of the meeting was to outline a plan to address the issues that were preventing the development of the Surezai Housing Scheme.

As a result of the meeting, the elders of Surizai and Tilaband agreed to voluntarily transfer 1,450 kanals of land to the provincial government.

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Additionally, the government also has plans to appoint local residents to all Class-IV positions and it will be advertised for the housing plans.

The appointment will provide employment opportunities to the local community.

Moreover, the administration has also decided to abolish the ban on land transfers in Surizai and Tilaband.

This move is expected to facilitate the development of these areas and pave the way for further growth.

Furthermore, the government has announced plans to develop Surizai and Tilaband, which will provide infrastructure and other essential services to these areas.

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