ProPropertyNewsSustainable Housing Ecosystem Plans to Invest Millions in Housing Sector

Sustainable Housing Ecosystem Plans to Invest Millions in Housing Sector

ISLAMABAD: The Sustainable Housing Ecosystems (SHE) has decided to invest $50 million in Pakistan’s real estate and housing sector in the next 3 years.

The Sustainable Housing Ecosystem is a joint venture of AMC, Altair, and Trellis and aims to provide low-cost housing to the country’s middle class.

At an event, the Chief Executive Officer AMC, Jawad Aslam, said this initiative would improve the construction sector by many folds.

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It was also highlighted that the country’s housing finance should be raised to cope with the housing shortages.

The officials at the event also emphasized that the government should contribute to the housing industry to overcome the challenges.


  1. Time to build new cities on the banks of the river indus and other rivers along the lines of the Ravi industrial estate. There’s no explanation behind why we have a housing ministry if we have illegal slums all over our major cities. They’re barely contributing to the economies of those areas. The only thing they’re contributing to, is the increasing crime rate. In addition to a weaker economy, it’s also due to a lack of housing in their home cities that we have this huge influx every year. Even if there isn’t an economy, they should have homes. It’s not like there’s much of an economy for them in major cities, either but they choose to relocate regardless. Ghost housing to cater to a growing population isn’t a bad idea. Building homes after the population implodes is worse than building them in anticipation of their growth. A few thousand empty apartments every year is worse than a few million living in encroached land.

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