ProPropertyNewsViolent Clashes Erupt During Encroachment Operation Near E11

Violent Clashes Erupt During Encroachment Operation Near E11

ISLAMABAD: An anti-encroachment operation by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in Chavillage near E11 led to intense confrontations between locals and authorities.

The operation aimed to recover government-owned land that had been unlawfully occupied by land mafia.


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The targeted areas for the operation were Sinyari, Maira Beri, and Chontra. During the operation, approximately 10 properties were identified and marked for reclamation. This action provoked the local residents, who retaliated by pelting the anti-encroachment team and police with stones.

In response, the police employed lathi charges, tear gas, and even resorted to firing shots. The unrest did not remain confined to Chavillage; protests spread to adjacent roads, leading to additional disturbances in the area.

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