ProPropertyNewsWater Scarcity in G-13, G-14 – FGEHA to Start Work on Supply Scheme

Water Scarcity in G-13, G-14 – FGEHA to Start Work on Supply Scheme

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) is prepared to begin building the last section of the main water supply line from the Shah Allah Ditta reservoir for the sectors G-13 and G-14 water supply systems.

According to sources in the FGEHA, the authority has already approved a PC-I to finish a missing link of the main water conduct line from Shah Allah Ditta Reservoir to establish a permanent water supply system in sectors.

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The main water line is around 14 km long, with the CDA having built out the majority of it, while FGEHA has officially accepted the PC-I for the 2 km long missing connections.

Besides, these regions now need 2.5 MGD of water, and the authority plans to utilize this line to receive an extra 1 MGD of water from Khanpur Dam.

The project is slated to be finished in a year on a priority basis.

Additionally, according to the sources, these two sectors have been suffering from a serious drinking water deficit for many years as a result of the absence of a water delivery mechanism.


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