Didn't get a chance to watch the PSL matches or just want to relive the great action from the latest fixtures? Watch the PSL highlights with ProPakistani. Here, we provide you the complete list of PSL match highlights broken down by day.

Day 22:
PSL Qualifier: Karachi Vs. Islamabad
Day 21:
PSL Match 30: Karachi Vs. Islamabad
Day 20:
PSL Match 29: Peshawar Vs. Lahore
Day 19:
PSL Match 28: Quetta Vs. Islamabad
Day 18:
PSL Match 27: Peshawar Vs. Karachi
Day 17:
PSL Match 26: Lahore Vs. Quetta
Day 16:
PSL Match 25: Multan Vs. Islamabad
Day 15:
PSL Match 24: Lahore Vs. Karachi
PSL Match 23: Quetta Vs. Peshawar
Day 14:
PSL Match 22: Multan Vs. Karachi
PSL Match 21: Islamabad Vs. Peshawar
Day 13:
PSL Match 20: Lahore Vs. Multan
PSL Match 19: Karachi Kings Vs. Quetta Gladiators
Day 12:
PSL Match 18: Islamabad United Vs. Lahore Qalandars
PSL Match 17: Multan Vs. Quetta
Day 11:
PSL Match 16: Peshawar Vs. Multan
Day 10:
PSL Match 15: Karachi Vs. Islamabad
Day 09:
PSL Match 13: Quetta Vs. Multan
PSL Match 14: Lahore Vs. Peshawar
Day 08:
PSL Match 13: Quetta Vs. Multan
PSL Match 12: Islamabad Vs. Lahore (Super Over)
PSL Match 12: Islamabad Vs. Lahore (Highlights)
Day 07:
PSL Match 10: Peshawar Vs. Quetta
Day 06:
PSL Match 9: Quetta Vs. Islamabad
Day 05:
PSL Match 8: Karachi Vs. Lahore
Day 04:
PSL Match 7: Karachi Vs. Peshawar
PSL Match 6: Multan Vs. Islamabad
Day 03:
PSL Match 5: Lahore Vs. Quetta
PSL Match 4: Islamabad Vs. Peshawar
Day 02:
PSL Match 3: Multan Vs. Lahore
PSL Match 2: Karachi Vs. Quetta
Day 01:
PSL 2018 Opening Ceremony
Match 1: Peshawar vs. Multan