• Whopee! 17 million! NOT! Actually I have been to this site before back when it stated the number was 12 mill. Its actually a whole lot of bullshit. Lets take some more accurate figure straight from the horse’s mouth. According to the association of ISPs in Pakistan the figure is some 5 million only:


    • @abdussamad, I believe that there is lot to be discussed about. ISPAK displays the number of Internet connections while this report said the number of internet users… clearly they can’t be the same!

  • abdussamad

    Really? ISPAK says estimated number of internet users are 5 million:

    Internet users (estimated): 5 million

  • Naveed

    More Internet users…more opportunities for ISPs…more competitive rates for the consumers! regardless of any apprehensions, this is exciting. MBL has lowered their packagae prices…LinkdotNET and PTCL are offering handsome student discounts and it just keeps getting better and better!

  • Bilal

    Guyss…I think if we just add those girls and boys going to colleges and universities, we would easily reach 500,000 by the end of the day…not to mention those people using internet in their offices or at home…Problem solved.

  • This is amazing, I just quoted this number to a friend of mine in USA and he was impressed. As you said there is enormous potential for businesses on internet. I have started a blog about websites in Pakistan, please go there and send me your feedback.

  • Rehan Mehar(hailian)

    Dear Pakistanies!
    Plz awake up and look at the other countries especialy india, russia, china and brazil which are going to become the most power ful economies of the world by 2050 and here the reason is that there are more internet users and they earn a lot of foreign exchange by outsourcing via interner so kindly utilize yours abilities and make Pakistan stronest economy.

  • Gohar Ilahi

    Internet use is booming in Pakistan. I swear, there are Internet Cafe on every single corner of that country. Pakistani people are pretty quick to adapt to new technology, I went to a remote village in Monsehra and was surprised to see the internet cafe ram packed! This is good news!

  • Internet services and users are increasing in Pakistan but IT Industry has also faced many difficulties in last one year. But still we are hopeful that public and private sectors collaboration and collective efforts will bring some good change of development soon.

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    all in all mobilink sux

  • sarmad bilal

    i want to get the exect figer of the number of users of internet in pakistan,and also how many number of students use interet and whats there grouth rate