Internet Users in Pakistan hit 17.5 Million Mark

This is‘wow’ news, especially for those who are doing their online businesses or those who are concerned with online population of Pakistan, latest stats from “Internet World Stats” are for sure a sigh of satisfaction for them.

Not only this, but another fact is even more interesting that Pakistan stands at rank 7 in Asia for number of users beating even Malaysia (though it is less populated country, but more number of heads on internet means, more business opportunities,  and we have those with us)


These stats actually show the dire need to ecommerce infrastructure in the country and the potential the market has for online businesses.

I am myself happy, as more users from Pakistan means more target audience for me ;

Mind not to forget, we are still to cover a long distance, teledensity is merely 10 percent – and i am hopeful, because we were only 133,000 internet users back in 2000 and now 17..5 million 12,970% growth rate…! let’s Expect Good

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