• Adnan

    Thats really good news.

  • Faraz

    Excellent work jabran and google mapmaker team, keep it up.

  • Dell

    Can anyone post the co-ordinates of that place?

    • Here you go:

      Upper Right :
      Lat: 36°28’54.73″N
      Long: 74°55’14.06″E

      Lower Left :
      Lat: 35°21’55.28″N
      Long: 74° 4’56.19″E

      • Dell

        Thanks !!

  • shams ul haq

    was it possible that govt. launch some “controlled blasts” there to remove he sliding insted of waitig for such huge HUMAN TRAGEDY ???

    • Perhaps not a good idea since landslide didn’t stop completely throughout this all time and blasting the debris may trigger an increament of landslides.

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  • Arfan Sohaib

    Well done and a gr8 effort

  • moazzam nawaz

    its to good to help peopels

  • Ruby Idrees

    hmm …
    Jabran Rafique you well Explain …

  • naila sajid

    well done jabron its quit informative.

  • KA

    Good work Jabran… :)

  • Thanks all!

  • burhan uddin

    hey all this is really gud woork

  • Well Done,,,And God Bless all of you,who contributed to this project…..

  • I’ve heard that this lake again is rising. any update ???