• Lahore

    what good is this going to do? lets shut down their internet as well… we need people in PTA who actually understand how TELCOs actually work in this time and age

  • Chairman PTA claims it to be a false news :(

  • when i was watching GEO this evening i doubted the news started from here!!

    When will they learn to share the source of news?

  • Mubasher

    i agree with ‘lahore’.. this issue is way too complicated and should not be dealt without getting experts on-board.

  • Zahid Khawaja

    Islamabad (January 31, 2011) :  In response to a story carried in a section of media, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has clarified that PTA has not issued any directions to mobile service providers to discontinue Blackberry Services to any users.  Operators have been advised to continue providing Blackberry Services to the users

  • i have heard BB service are not working for anybody since yesterday , is that true ?

  • imran

    thats alll Bull__ it,

    once they issued the notice now PTA is taking back from the orders, and allowing the Mobile services providers to continue the service.

    guys what if the Mobile service of BlackBerry is blocked for foriegn missions, can’t they use the thureya or the TS2 (both are satellite phone services).

    I don’t know who are the decision makers.

  • PTA is only a shadow of its former self. This is not how you a regulatory body. You think before you take a step, if you have taken one, you stick by it…

    They are making a joke of themselves