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Google Plus - Its New, Its Social, Its Google's!

By  | 29, Jun 2011 | 110 Comments

Google earlier showed a little that what it is capable of. Defeating social giants, Facebook and Twitter is not a piece of cake but still Google Buzz somehow prevailed.

With 700 million users, Facebook is currently ruling social media but believe me Google has potential to bring something that can overtake the market.

And seems like it has planned to do so.

Have you noticed Google going different? With a new black bar on the top (appears on, changed layout. Oh have you noticed Google is showing your location in the side bar as well.

Well, all these things are referring to the new version of Google, Google+.

Google Plus is going to be the next place which in my opinion will surely bring something different than Facebook, but still it will meet the requirements of Facebook addicts.

Salient features of this platform are going to be Circles, Instant Uploads, Hangouts, Sparks, and Huddle.

google plus Google Plus   Its New, Its Social, Its Googles!

Circles are just like groups on Facebook, which you can manage as per your own desire to set privacy for specific people. Facebook with this new profile thing, got really complex and most of the people still don’t even know how to manage that.

With circles, you can simply drag and drop people to specific circles, a totally new experience indeed.

Sparks are just like interests. Simply search for one and Google will give you suggestions, not making it a search box, Google says that it is going to be a sharing box! Considering your interest, Google will look for content related to your mood and then you can simply add them to your interests.

Huddle is a group messaging app that works across Android, iPhone and SMS and will allow to send group messages to certain circles.

Hangouts are going to be another important feature of Google+, allowing you to video chat with group. Upto 10 people, you can add persons from your circles, friends and invite others. It is just like a group conversation.

Also share a video and all the hangout members will be watching that at once, comment, discussing live. Isn’t it a new thing?

How to Join?

Well, as per Google, they are in the first phase of Google+ and this is just start. So a few people will be invited to join and its not accepting open registrations at the moment, you can submit your email address here and wait for your turn.

Is Google+ going to affect Facebook culture in Pakistan?

May be it is a pre-mature thought at the moment, as we cannot compare Google+ and Facebook right now. Still considering the Facebook envy in Pakistan, people may prefer going to Google+ as they are just addicted of social networking and quitting it is harder thing.

While second options is always welcomed. Still we have to wait and see how it will emerge and will people accept it or not? Give your opinion in comments.

Another important feature that may give a +1 to Google+ is that most of the people are already aware of the news/rumors about Facebook selling user’s details to third parties and surely people feel more safe in Google’s hands than Facebook.

Android and iPhone app of Google+ is already available, also the mobile version of Google+ works just like an app.

In a nut shell, Google+ seems to be attractive, friendly, functional and above all it’s Google’s!

Have a look at demo videos to learn more about Google+, you can also visit live demo by Google to get your hands on Google Plus and enjoy the experience.








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  • Imran Salim

    Great !!! as google always thirsty for more traffic on their servers.

    • Sacha Kaka

      Updated version of Google+ mobile app direct download link (7/14 date USA time release)

      • Sacha Kaka

        Thats for Android phones.

  • saad

    The world’s biggest migration was from orkut to facebook and now there will be a much bigger one with 700million facebook users joining google +

    • Shahid Saleem

      More like they left Myspace for Facebook. Orkut still has over 100 million active users.

  • Hassan Im

    Finally something good. I was getting tired of FB

  • Copper

    Due to severe violations of Facebook of their own ethics regulations and privacy flaws, I guess people will flock to google+

  • Acer

    Wow I really liked the functionality. I am looking forward to the invite. Will love to see google going up!

  • Arif Kamawi

    I agree with all you, but the problem I see in Google+ is complicity of the terms they will use for different features. Though the functions would be the same as FB’s different features, but these terms wouldn’t be understandable to its members of different communities / nature.

  • Mansoor

    Interesting some of the features are familiar to Diaspora:

    Anyway sounds like a solid effort from Google to counter FB will take while to take off though.

  • Shahid Saleem

    – Defeating social giants, Facebook and Twitter was not a piece of cake but still Google Buzz somehow prevailed.

    This is a joke? I don’t understand how you can say it defeated anything. Almost no one uses Buzz compared with Twitter or Facebook. In fact, many people I know just linked Twitter with Buzz so Buzz mirrors their tweets. Only one or two people I know use Buzz exclusively (one of them left Facebook because of privacy issues).

    • http://ProPakistani.PK Ahsan Javed

      Did I mention it defeated? Believe me, criticism for the sake of criticism is not a healthy practice.

      And apart from that, I like your opinion and points every time but not the way. :-)

      • Shahid Saleem

        Do you need me to paste dictionary definition of “prevailed”? Google for “define:prevailed”: first definition is “Prove more powerful than opposing forces;”

        Also saying “WAS not a piece of cake” means Buzz did defeat them. Think about it. Examples to convince you:

        Eating two plates of halwa was not easy but Shahid still prevailed.

        Posting 100 stories on the site was not easy but Ahsan still prevailed.

        Using “was” and “prevailed” makes it clear you think they succeeded at task.

        This is not criticism for sake of criticism, you are OUTRIGHT WRONG.

        • http://ProPakistani.PK Ahsan Javed

          “was not a piece of cake” doesn’t always mean that it was achieved, How about considering the meaning as “as it wasn’t a piece of cake, so Google couldn’t conquer.”

          Hopefully it clarifies the rest of the comment, and about the word “prevailed” pardon me for using that.

          That’s all I can say to you. :-) I accept.

          • Shahid Saleem

            No, to be correct you should have said “IS not a piece of cake”. Was is past tense = considered happened.

            • http://ProPakistani.PK Ahsan Javed

              Thanks for the correction. Updated! :-)

              • Rameez Kakakhel

                @Ahsan: DFTT!

                • Shahid Saleem

                  Um, please don’t call me a troll when I’m right.

  • Mohsin Butt

    Orkut and Buzz badly flop already so i predict that FB will continue to be primary choice for most. Let’s see….

  • top commented box

    hey admin, nice box on the right and i think the site also needs a fresh look as the ads interfere more.. and a little colour needed anyways nice little change…

    ooo so the topic , yea waiting for some site to overtake fb…im not a social addict but these sites should respect peoples beliefs , privacy and keep to their own selves!

    • Shahid Saleem

      I wonder what you think of all the anti-Muslim stuff on Buzz right now and Youtube and Blogger and Google Groups and …

      You think it will magically go away with +???

      • Sacha Kaka

        Shahid Saleem thaktay nahi? :)

      • @shahid saleem

        shahid saleem qabar main bhi aap ko internet connection chaiye jahan aap facebook aur doosri social networking sites use kar sako?? oh sorry abhi isi technology ai nahi hai aur na ai gi, likin ye baat yaad rakhna qabar main “MUNKEER NAKEER ” zaroor ai gay, sawal poochney.

      • owais

        anti muslim stuff main bhi aik limit hoti hai ,agar wo limit cross ho jai tu phir wo cheez choor deni chaiye ,chahey wo aap ko kitni achi q nahi lagti ho,sahaba tu Hazrat Mohammad salala ho waalihi wasalam k liye apni jaan bhi qarbaan karney k liye tayar rehtay htay ,q k un ko pata tha k kiamat k din ALLAH ko jawab bhi dena hai.

        • Shahid Saleem

          Well then I turn around and ask you why you have not left Google? Did you forget that our supreme court even BANNED blogspot about five years ago for blasphemous material??

          • owais

            main blogspot use nahi karta.wasey bhi main aap ko point out nahi kar raha aik general baat kar raha hoon agar amal karna hai tu karo ,aap ki mazi.likin kiamat main chooti si chooti cheez ka hisaab bhi ho ga.

            • Shahid Saleem

              You are upset at Facebook for user pages and posts there but you look the other way when users post same stuff to Blogger and it is not taken down.

              Google owns Blogger.

              • owais

                bhai shahid saleem URDU nahi ati kia ,opper kia likha hai main ney k main blogspot use nahi karta.aur aap ka tu sab ko pata hai aap facebook,po*n,telenor lover ho .lol

                • Shahid Saleem

                  You must be the dimmest bulb in the room.

                  People post stuff you don’t like on Facebook –> you leave facebook.

                  People post stuff you don’t like on Blogger –> you say “oh I don’t use blogger”. but you use Google, and blogger is just a google service, like gmail or plus. why have you not left google???

                  • owais

                    haan tu google bhi chooro, kis nay kaha hai google use google k baghair internet nahi chal sakta?.goolge se phelay bhi loog internet use kartey thay.

  • Junaid

    You know what, google is the king of internet and no one can ever take em down. Note my words.
    And I’d love to be part of Google+ and the most lovely thing which google owns is simplicity.

    Anyway, the amazing thing about Facebook is that he got much fame in a short interval of time.

    Note: Guys! I don’t look back into posts which I comment on, so I won’t be able to look at the replies you do (or maybe not :p) on my comments.

    • admin

      There’s a way of getting the replies in your inbox, simply click below box – and you are done (given you don’t get irritated by plenty of emails)

      • Junaid

        Yeah, I think I know that :p but I don’t like that, email will be flooded like that, if I get en email for comments from each article I’ve commented on. so, estimate it yourself

  • Aaqil Mahmood

    Who have gotten access to Google+ here? :D

    • admin

      no one so far :-/

  • Coupon

    Nice update, Anyone is using Goolge Plus? I think it will cutoff FB. What do you say?

    • http://ProPakistani.PK Ahsan Javed

      Yes we are.

      • S!D

        Then please also send me one.


        • http://ProPakistani.PK Ahsan Javed

          Google+ is now open for registration, you can signup yourself at

  • Samia Adnan

    is any one using plus? send me the invitee pleaseeeeeeeee

    • http://ProPakistani.PK Ahsan Javed

      sent!, check you mail.

      • Samad

        Please also send me.

      • naumanayubi

        plzz sent me tooooo i need itttt

  • Imran

    I really want to join a social networking website because I left Facebook for the anti Islamic groups and other bad things. Now I m very much eager to join Google+. Lets see what will happen…

    • admin

      you are not alone

    • Rameez Kakakhel

      Add me too.

      • True Hosts

        and me to :)

  • Imran

    If anyone using Google + please send me an invite please I want to join google+…

    • http://ProPakistani.PK Ahsan Javed


      • Imran

        Thanks I got it from someone else. I am in.

  • umer

    nyc wrk 4 muslim boycotts of fb

  • Irfan

    just got invited to Google+….

    if anyone wanna get invited… leave ur email address… i have got some invitations.

    • naumanayubi

      invite me plzz

  • Sumair

    i’ll join Google+ when will also join it……!! :)

    • admin

      All ProPakistani writers are on Google Plus, testing it heavily, will bring you our take by evening inshAllah

      • Rameez Kakakhel

        I don’t why this discrimination towards me :p An active GMail user since 2004, still not accepting me in :(

        • Abdul

          google is just testing it within its own peoples. Not to public!

  • Abdul

    its awesome! Bye Facebook!

    • Irfan

      Love Google+.
      death to fakebook. bye bye fakebook. it has been 8 months since i deactivated my fakebuk account. first i had deleted all my data , pics, and very thing. then i deactivated it.

      G00gle+ FTW !!!

  • sheraz anwar

    @author, remove my comments after sending me an invitation. thanx

    • http://ProPakistani.PK Ahsan Javed

      sent, and your id isn’t published, is that what you wanted?

      • sheraz anwar

        yes, i really don’t want my id get published. :P
        and thanks alot for the invite brother, got it.

        • http://ProPakistani.PK Ahsan Javed

          pleasure is all mine. :-)

          • Usama Zafar

            Hello Ahsan Javed,

            I am unable to join google +

            Can you pleaseeeeeeeeeeee send me an invitation.. I’ll be grateful to u :)

  • sheraz anwar

    ahsan bhai! i got that invitation but i was redirected to that same google plus home page. i.e, keep me posted thing wala? what should i do?

    • http://ProPakistani.PK Ahsan Javed

      Let me check please.

    • admin

      Please check back early in morning – around 6-9 AM, abhi it’s night in US, and they gonna open the pool in morning (their time)

      • sheraz anwar

        okay admin! i will check it in the morning, i hope they wouldn’t be sleeping in the morning :p

  • sheraz anwar

    ahsan bhai! what should i do, i clicked on on join google+ and it redirected me tto the same google plus home page. what should i do? send an invite again please.

    • http://ProPakistani.PK Ahsan Javed

      Above comment by admin must have cleared the issue. Still I sent again for your satisfaction.

      • sheraz anwar

        i thought my comment wasn’t published. sorry for another one. i will check it by morning Insha’Allah

  • Rabi

    Ahsan, will U Plz send me an invite.
    thanks in advance..

    • http://ProPakistani.PK Ahsan Javed


  • Samia Adnan

    can i get an invite?

  • Samia Adnan

    yay i have got it!

  • Mohsin

    @ author can i get invite tooo??….

    • http://ProPakistani.PK Ahsan Javed

      Mohisn it is now open for registration, you can signup yourself at

  • Mohsin

    @ admin can i get an invite toooo??

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  • Abdul Rehman
  • Usman Kamal

    Invite me also :)

  • behzad

    my prediction is facebook going down now. Rival is here now…

  • Usama Zafar

    Hello Ahsan Javed,

    I am unable to join google +

    Can you pleaseeeeeeeeeeee send me an invitation.. I’ll be grateful to u :)

  • mt

    ahsan bhai ivite me plz on google +…

  • Babar shahzad

    It is a grt efort/step for globilization 2 cm clsr da indls of difrnt mind/ can easily share thr views on dis unique plateform(goggle+).Keep it up .

  • Sheeda
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  • Rai
    • Abdul

      invited! :)

  • naumanayubi

    Can anyone invite me on google + please :)

  • Naseer

    Its a realy amazing service and give a tough time to facebook but facebook also started video chat so let see which one is winner.

    • Abdul

      Facebook alows video chat for 1 person only whereas in Google+ u can video call to 10 persons.


        Adbul you are right and both services are good google plus video chat is good for business and friends group but facebook is good for one to one video chat and you can say it love chat… lolz

  • Numan

    Can anybody invite me please!!!
    ( ^’^ )
    numanqasim at gmail dot com

    • http://ProPakistani.PK Ahsan Javed


      • Numan

        Thanks Dear

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  • Google Social Network

    Google has come a long way in developing the best social network. There are still a few improvements they can implement but it by far beats Facebook.

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  • bing

    I really enjoyed your blog, will share it with my homies, do you have any other material on this theme?

  • Videovertex

    Its much interesting than facebook.Now facebook is losing people’s attention.Atleast mine.Google+ have more functionality han facebook.It also supports moving images which is more fun but one thing is not good that is the terms that people wil not understand like huddles, circles, hangout etc.