• Muhammad Usman Azam

    Jugaar me to maahir hain hum….lolz :p

    • shan the caliph

      Loved your comment!!!!!

  • http://stylosoft.com stylo

    Wow! Described really well I’m also using Verified PayPal with Same Way i did.. But I Stay in Bahrain.

    But Good for Pakistanis. Specially for those who wanna do business online.

  • http://www.pakistanprobe.com Shahzad Afzal

    Wow… Excellent post… thank you for this idea… I have thinking of this but could not verify it… I have Payoneer Card now going for Paypal… :)

    • Nadeem

      Salam Brother
      I want to get a paypal account, please guide me for creat paypal account.
      My number is 03027667270

    • mouzzam shamim

      bhai payoneer ka card kesy milta hah pls bata do

      • ustudios

        Go to payoneer .com select a package and Fill the require Details

  • http://wapWapeden.Com Sagar zarar

    Kammal krte ho Pakistaniz :p, Bhayya hum sub pakistaniz aisey Jugaad pehley se he use kr rahe hein, ‘couse zarurt ho tu, aisa ho nai sakta k hum pakistaniz rasta na nikal payein :p ! But thanx 4 share

  • Edel Broc

    The processors for Payoneer Card are located in Lahore, Pakistan (I2C Inc) and their customer support lines were forwarded to Mindbridge BPO Lahore, Pakistan but i believe even those are routed to I2C Inc it is a good way of getting a verified Paypal account

  • Ahmed

    For Heaven sake Aamir bhai, how can you allow such a post here. Do you think writing a “Disclaimer” but providing a way to users which many people will follow and will lose their funds for sure actually relieve you of any responsibility ?

    I have had legitimate account but after coming back to Pakistan I don’t use it anymore..why because if my account is limited there is no way I can ask Paypal to remove any kind of restriction they put on it. They don’t just ask for your credit card statement, but also proof of residence, even social security number and whatever they feel necessary. Even if you are in a Paypal supported country (like UAE) but using a USA IP address through VPN your account will immediately be limited and you will be asked to provide any document they feel. So please such “desi juggars” work in Pakistan, don’t try this with Paypal.

    I am planning to have legitimate Paypal on my new site, I can help freelancers with this, but not right now. Alertpay though it sucks might be an alternate.

    Corrections: Paypal doesn’t always charge you $ 1.95, it is always a random number below $2 usually. Immediately after that you may be asked to send documents showing your address, meanwhile you will immediately see a limited account.

    Webmoney doesn’t provide you a card (officially).

    If you sign up from Pakistan, you will not reach to a stage where you can enter your card details, chances are that you will have a limited account even before that.
    Moral: Avoid Paypal before you lose your money.

    • admin

      A friend of mine is regularly using Paypal and he operates it sitting in Karachi from his usual IP

      Still, your concerns are valid – but those who can’t live without paypal and can risk their lives can try it.

      • Ahmed

        Those living in UAE will agree with me that when they pay on VoIP sites using paypal and connecting through a VPN connection (as VoIP sites are all blocked in UAE) your paypal gets limited immediately. This is my personal experience that their agents are involved (not everything is left on computers) to put restrictions and once your account is limited again they are personally involved (they even call you) when you request to lift restrictions.

        The only purpose of this writing is that I don’t want my Pakistani brothers losing their money to Paypal, they might be best but they will come as a nightmare when you are not supposed to use their service. So far Alertpay is there and you can use it legally and they are going to start a Debit Card quite soon.

        • Salman Abbas

          Tip: Don’t keep any money in your PP except the last amount u received and if your account gets limited then refund that amount and ask the pay to send money in your new PP account. :))

        • Umair

          I have been using Paypal in Lahore without any VPN for the last 4 years.

          Though, my Paypal was registered in UK, when I was studying there.

          • http://www.msetactical.com shahid

            hi Umair

            can you please send us your mob no. actually i want to talk with you about paypal account.

            03009619833 or call me.


            • http://twodollerclick nomi

              mujhy massla hy pakistan main paypal ka account nahi banta magar two doller click wali web site par hum ny ur ki requirement k mutabak doller collect kiye han magar humen paypal accout ki problem hy agar app kuch kar sakty ho tu plz hamari help karen

              • Omer Draz

                Brother wo website fake hai don’t do work on those type of website

              • ali

                scam site hai

          • http://www.drshahid.com.pk dr shahid amin

            can you please send us your mob no. actually i want to talk with you about paypal account.

          • http://www.drshahid.com.pk dr shahid amin

            salm umair sb…
            can you please send us your mob no. actually i want to talk with you about paypal account.

          • muqeet

            hi bro i want to talk with u
            please must be reply

        • http://www.diligentwebhost.com Husnain

          Ahmed! I’m actually agreeing with you! My paypal account has been limited and currently my account is having 538 GBP! Like WTF? They are holding my funds :( and They’re only allowing me to withdraw money through US bank! Which i don’t have! I can’t even use the money to shop online! God knows what would happen to me! But its true! No body shall use paypal in Pakistan! If you want to loose your money then welcome Paypal is always there!! They sucks ! This year they limited their 5000 accounts! I’m one of them :(

          • Nomi

            Hello brother please contact me at 03345789815. I can help you.

        • shahzeb

          what about 2checkout ? is it also good ?

          which one is better ? alert pay or 2checkout

      • Rez

        It is risky frame here, there are more chances of getting accounts limited with the procedure mentioned above, i have seen tons of people getting their accounts limited using prepaid credit cards.

      • Nauman

        Can we use AlertPay debit card to verify PayPal..? As I can order the card now.

      • Zohaib khan

        Please refer me to ur friend. i am paypal use i will exchange my palpal credit with him. im also in karachi.Plz aamir bhai

      • Mehroz Khan

        i am too using it by generating a fake name and phone number generator if u want too then contact me

        • James


    • http://www.webnsofts.com H@$$@/|/

      I agree with you Ahmad, more over its not easy to get a poyneer card, plus poyneer card charge a month fee to card holders which is in dollars, if some one is going to signup for them then do read their charges detail..

      More over, what I think is, if you have a poyneer card, you dont need any paypal account..if you are a freelancer and have customers from EU,US,UK, and if they want to pay you via paypal then they must have a credit card with them…and they can directly pay you to your poyneer card by using to “load card” option from poyneer website. That is why there is no need to get a illegal paypal account and risk your money.

      Cheerz :)

      • waseem raza

        cheerz dude…:-)

    • waseem raza
  • Mohsin

    any one knows about ZPurse-webmoney.how to withdraw money form ZPurse/Webmoney in Pakistan.plz help

  • http://www.topbreaking.com topbreaking

    2numberi is not allowed

  • Salman Abbas

    Wow Thanks, I’ll give this a try. On side note: we can also get a US Bank Account with Payoneer ;)

    Am currently using Plimus to accept Paypal btw.

    • http://www.typebiz.com azhar

      Please tell me how plimus works and how to setup bank details with plimus. They require things which I don’t know.

  • http://vsocio.com Usman

    i just visited the Indus Technologies and i am surprised to see that the company it self did not allow customers to pay via paypal.. lollz ….are they afraid of being lost money…..????

  • http://www.fullmaza.com irfan

    Yes its true because i already have verified pay pal account.

  • http://www.itechshop.org Jameel ahmed memon

    We are not using paypal because we are still in a process to get it i will receive my payoneer card in next few days. We are newely payoneer partner and currently offering payoneer card to any one who doesn’t earn money with any above listed partner or other.

    We offer card and can load money to it, soon we launch this service online but for now you can contact me to get payoneer card. We will provide 10 cards for free on first come first serve bases

    • http://upfashion.pk Erslan

      Hi, i need Payoneer card. i wish m amoung those 10 lucky people to get a card free of cost.
      Thanks :)

      • http://www.drshahid.com.pk dr shahid amin

        when u get poneer card, plz do tell mehow u get it.

    • ASRK

      How to contact u i want card for me ?

    • Muhammed Ali

      Bro. I also Want to apply for the card. give me the detail of process how can i get it ?

      • IRTEFAQ

        FIRST U APPLY.
        GOOD LUCL.

    • Jawad hussain

      Bhai mjhe payoneer card chahiye plz kiya ap mjhe es ka process bataige…?

  • Ali

    You better see this link before applying for Payoneer PrePaid Card..


  • Azhar

    Yaar mayray pas payoneer card hay. maine paypal pe baniya hay or activate kya hay pr woh 1 USD charge kar raha hay par paypal mai msg likha a raha hay your information is not correct. par payoneer se paysay kat raha hay. kia karon?>

    • http://www.itechshop.org Jameel ahmed memon

      contact payoneer customer service

    • Alam

      Same situation is with me.

    • abdullah

      how did you got a legit us address??

  • http://www.blog.panhwertech.com Abdul Rahim

    It is grating sharing. I am searching for this. Amazing.

  • Faraz

    Awsome. But i already have Paypal account verified. through an other way. :p

    • admin

      Care to share?

      • http://www.ProPakistani.pk Multan

        Aamir bhai ye FARAZ Jaisey log One Man show hoty han, He will not share anything :-s

        • http://webconcern.net Imran

          Yes you are right, they can’t see anyone up

  • Alam

    I’ve my Pakistani address on payoneer card (Obviously) and paypal need an usa billing address on card. It is not possible to change the billing country on both sides than how I fix it?

    • http://www.itechshop.org Jameel ahmed memon
    • Mehroz Khan

      i can give you a site which gives a billing address of another countryy uk or uae and also a site with gives you an international number on your pakistani number

  • Abdullah


    Right now i have Ireland paypal acc using my brother friend paypal acc but it will be better if i can use my own in Pakistan.

    Since week ago a got the Payoneer Master card from Plimus selling as i will activate it and get funds on it will try to do that.

    But The main thing is “If our paypal account will be limited” So what we can do it remove the limit.

    They want utility bills,Driver license etc

    So what is the solution for it because this is the risking thing if we had $1000 and paypal limit it will be shit!!!!

    Reply me thanks!

  • http://shoukat.me ShoukaT

    LoL I think you should also mention the fees of payoneer so people dont get excited so easily… And they know that they need to pay handfull of money for getting an insecure paypal account which can be limited any moment for no reason with your funds locked in it….

    And I myself as a paypal user for more than 3 years (never lost any money cuz of account limitation) think that making a US paypal account is the worse idea if you dont live in US…

    US accounts are most overlooked by paypal and limited if accessed from other countries….

    • http://www.itechshop.org Jameel ahmed memon

      you can see payoneer fees on their website

    • Alam


  • http://shoukat.me ShoukaT

    Apart from that you should mention clearly that there is a high risk of losing your paypal money , with or without a usa account…
    Anyways adding fees wont take much space…… Anyways its my opinion that you should mention completely that how will they add money in their payoneer first time and about the fees too… Thanks… =)

  • http://www.itechshop.org Jameel ahmed memon

    Google about limited paypal accounts you will see this status from almost all countries so claiming this is case for most usa account is not true though. in short there is risk of loosing money involved when you are doing any business or transaction online.

    As for as adding money to payoneer card is concern, atleast one transaction by any payoneer partner is required then any one with VISA/MASTER Credit/Debit can load money to the card.

    atleast 3 transactions by payoneer partner are required to be illegible to apply for USA Virtual bank account.

    if you are already having payoneer card that means you are earning money with payoneer partner and getting your card loaded.

    you can contact me to load your card as well, hope i have mentioned every thing you asked. your current card can be attached with other payoneer partner

  • http://shoukat.me ShoukaT

    I was just asking you to add that info to the post.
    I am myself capable of doing all that and I hold a valid US bank account with debit card which I use for my paypal…
    I myself sell verified paypal accounts and offer paypal withdrawl and load services… And all kind of other epayment solutions…
    I just requesting you too add more detailed info to your article for the sake of public… =)

    • Asad Shaikh

      sir can u help me on this topic i have recive my paenoor card but dont have paypal account

  • Talha

    Dude its old method :D Paypal do not verify accounts with payoner cards, When you will try it will give an error contact your bank… etc

    You need a VBA (Virtual Bank Account) to verify your Paypal account.

    I have a Payoner card, i tried it but did not work. I have a VBA method but i will not share over here. :P

  • http://www.itechshop.org Jameel ahmed memon

    Dear shokat article was having almost all detail that i have posted in comments but due the some requirment admin edited it.

  • Adeel

    Its typical but may work

    I still prefer to get help of my friend regarding Paypal

  • http://shoukat.me ShoukaT

    1st its Shoukat.. i like my name spelled correctly ;) ,

    2nd I admit its a good article and believe that it has helped alot of people . I was just stating my opinion as i consider it my right to do so.

    And I appreciate your works.


    • http://www.itechshop.org Jameel Ahmed Memon

      Dear Shoukat I am so sorry for the spelling, I tried my best to put as much and authentic detail as possible but due to the policies of this blog admin refined it to fit here… and i can’t help this. i am trying to make it more clear via my comments

      • http://shoukat.me ShoukaT

        I appreciate that.. =)

        keep up the good work.. =)

        • http://www.itechshop.org Jameel Ahmed Memon

          Thanks for complement mate

          • Raza

            Thanks for sharing this very informative article. kindly send me your mobile number please

  • Muhammad Waqas

    for God sake. why are you allowing people to do such thing that is not allowed in Pakistan.You can go to jail for money laundering case.When you pay to a third country without knowing your state bank(SBP) , do you think that you are going to commit a crime. and also paypal does not give guarantee in Pakistan.So please wait until our State bank allow paypal to do business in Pakistan

    • http://www.itechshop.org Jameel Ahmed Memon

      Waqas Its not money laundering as banks are involved including USA bank, after that local bank when you withdraw the payment that means SBP knows your transaction and you pay the charges where the hell is money laundering..? first of all you should know about what you are talking..

    • http://www.itechshop.org Jameel Ahmed Memon

      one more thing.. when you use payoneer card.. do you think using this payoneer card is money laundering as your funds stay in other country and you forward to third country without SBP permission..? money laundering is simply when you don’t follow rules of either country its not if SBP doesn’t involve

    • http://www.drshahid.com.pk dr shahid amin

      i agreed with u waqas

  • saleem

    i have recently emailed this article to the NAB and paypal support….hoping certain actions be taken on this article and the owner of this website…..i am a pakistani but sorry i have to……
    and advised to the readers dont use this method or any kind of method i have personally seen many arrested by Police using paypal transferring money from pakistan to their loved one in other countries because u r hiding ur identity and bank

    • ASRK

      wats ur problem ? plz can u verify ur statements that u have seen arrest ,do u have any proof for that ,? there is no illegal thing here , dont try to be over smart ! these r loop holes , they r not verified but still they r not illegal , many people r suffering becoz of paypal is not in pk including me , i use MB and AP instead but still they r not widely excepted ,and this is for receiving money from abroad not to send money there NOOB!!

    • http://www.itechshop.org Jameel Ahmed Memon

      Who is hiding the identity? Payoneer card is issued against proof of identity, second Virtual bank accounts are given under the USA law. of course Virtual bank accounts are maintained by a Bank under USA’s financial law. you should think before you talk

  • http://Www.Sovoia.com Obaid

    Hi Jameel – thanks for sharing this great info. I’m assuming this approach is for opening a personal account, right? Any tips on opening a business Paypal account if our company is based in Pakistan

    • http://www.itechshop.org Jameel Ahmed Memon

      hello obaid sorry you have to give business documents for that

  • Nitasha

    How to get legit usa address?

    • http://www.itechshop.org Jameel Ahmed Memon

      contact me via admin

  • http://www.elixir.org.pk/ Hair Transplant Islamabad

    Surely a great post, thanks a lot for sharing the information as to how one can subscribe to in availing a paypal account while having pakistani residence.

  • Mango Man

    This wont work. If your payoneer card is issued at pakistani address you CANNOT add a card with pakistani address on US paypal. The country field will be selected as USA already while your billing address is pakistan.


    PAYONEER is a U.S Based company, owned by a Former Israeli Special Forces Soldier, with investments from U.S and Israeli investors.
    Now, apparently that may not a big deal coz many companies are owned by Israeli’s or they have invested in. Israel is also involved in Medical Research BUT what makes this whole company suspicious is the Use of it’s Card’s by MUSSAD agents in the Killing of Hammas leader Mahmood Al-Mobadah in Dubai.
    More Details Here:
    Just being on the safe side I would not recommend Payoneer Cards for anything…


      OOopsss! Sorry, the company is based in Tel-Aviv but most of its operations are conducted from the U.S.

      • http://www.itechshop.org Jameel Ahmed Memon

        Payoneer is registered in USA and NY based, who told you it tal-viv based?


          Sorry, My Bad… Their R&D Office is in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

    • http://www.itechshop.org Jameel Ahmed Memon

      Many USA based companies are isreal funded even many of them are already working in pakistan.. all of us including you use their product most famous company is PEPSI cola…

      even ebay and paypal it self is isreal funded… so please stop using BATA shoes, PEPSI (any product of it), SERVICE shoes, paypal there are many others as well

      • Mango Man

        Way off topic but contrary to popular belief, PEPSI, COKE and McDonals are NOT israel funded.


        Lol! who told you am against companies funded by Israel or Jews? Yes, am against companies funded by Israel or ANYONE that are supposedly involved in killing of humans.
        Give me information about funds issued by Bata, PEPSI, SERVICE, PAYPAL or any other company that have been used for killing of Human Being’s and I will gladly stop using THEM, Right Away…
        Forget about killing, give me information about the alleged involvement of any of these companies in any crime against humanity and I will stop using them.
        I am giving you the same window of choice as I have by saying ‘alleged involvement’ and not ‘direct involvement’ because I believe that Payoneer/MetaBank is allegedly involved, something not confirmed.

    • http://www.itechshop.org Jameel Ahmed Memon

      Payoneer is just a company that is using it idea while money stays with USA bank, card actually belong to MasterCard.. so if any one involved in any criminal activity and having account with payoneer doesn’t mean payoneer is involved or they support them…

      Many terrorists might have accounts with banks like MCB, HBL, SCB or other so you mean we shouldn’t use as they are having accounts with…

      If you can’ be positive don’t post thinks that have no sense at all


        EeewwwWWwW! Why So Serious?? I didn’t order a ‘fatwa’ against using Payoneer Cards, I cautioned and explicitly stated that it is MY PERSONAL OPINION.
        “Now, apparently that may not a big deal coz many companies are owned by Israeli’s or they have invested in. Israel is also involved in Medical Research…”
        – Did you try to read this? OR just jumped in to tell me the names of few companies that YOU believe are owned/funded by Israeli’s.
        Dude, the company is suspicious. And here are the ingredients: Owned by Ex-Israeli Military Man, Funded by Israel, cards are issued through it that are used by Israeli’s to Kill a Palestinian leader.
        You think someone would just open an account, get cards and go on killing HVTs (High Value Targets)? Without even thinking for one second that the Bank/Authority may later disclose their true identity? OR they will go for an authority they trust?
        Now let me tell you once again these are just speculations, that make sense.
        Meta Bank is the Bank that issued the cards on behalf of Payoneer. Read the link this time, they were once ordered to stop issuing their Debt Cards in 2010.
        Here is the secret cable sent by UAE authorities to the Sec of State Washington DC requesting the details of the card holders. READ Carefully, there is food for thought in it.
        Based on all the info, I find this company suspicious and out of sense of ‘responsibility’ I will try to avoid it as much as I can.
        If you think it is all fine & just bad luck on Payoneer’s side, please carry on using it. You have a business to run and kids to feed (probably).

  • Saad

    Well getting a verified US account is no child’s play. If by any chance it’s verified which in my option is not an easy job. Chances are most certain that it will become limited. As PayPal has too many checks in place, vpn or no vpn, eventually it’ll get limited.
    EL O EL on above comment nobody gets arrested for goofin’ around making an account with his/her money. Nothing is illegal about this method. Just that the system is not available within Pakistan doesnot mean making an account is illegal and you’ll get arrested bla bla… Plus SBP knowing crap, I think half the population may send or receive money in/out PK without SBP even knowing, hundi thingy is still on in Pakistan, most of us know that, so who we lying?
    If the PayPal account gets verified, just be safe and smart.

  • http://www.itechshop.org Jameel Ahmed Memon

    Following message is posted by payoneer community admin for those whose billing address on payoneer card belongs to paypal unsupported country
    link is given below

    When you received the VA, you were sent an FAQ email and it has the exact directions (including address) of what to place there as the address to verify your PayPal account.


  • Azhar Ali

    Assalamlikum!. koi mayri help karay ga. mai apna Paypal kaise verify karun mayre pas Payoneer ka active Mastercard bhi hai. jis tarhan upar steps bataye hain us tarhan tu Card add hi nai ho raha hai paypal mai. please help me

  • Aswad

    How to get a virtual Bank account ?

    • http://www.itechshop.org Jameel Ahmed Memon

      Hello Aswad
      If you already have payoneer card and got 3 payments from payoneer partner (Company you worked for such as Plimus) then contact customer support for virtual bank account

  • http://www.greatenjoy.com Jon

    2checkout is also a good source of online business for Pakistan.

  • Ali

    i dont think this idea is good buddy, we can lose funds!

  • Whizkid

    You said you’ll get us free payoneer card. Can i get one? Lol

    • http://www.itechshop.org Jameel Ahmed Memon

      Yes you can get one, please contact me via following url or admin of this blog (aamir bhai)


    • http://www.itechshop.org Jameel Ahmed Memon

      please provide me you age as well so that i can guide you accordingly

      • http://www.demortalz.com Salman Saeed

        Are you still offering a payoneer card?

        • http://www.itechshop.org/ Jameel Ahmed Memon

          yes i think i have replied your email as well

  • asad

    very good article. Nice work buddy . Keep it up.

  • http://bloggerspot.info/ Akif Shamim

    Well im using paypal account but when i use paypal from pakistan they put my account in suspicious activity so how to over come on this? and does anyone know why facebook using google ads ? watched here http://bloggerspot.info/google-ads-in-facebook/ i dont know but they have it !

  • http://www.freakgeeks.com Hamza Tariq

    A really big thanks to author of this post, thanks you so much for copying my whole idea and your 30 minutes effort on writing the whole post. Big Thanks! I talked about this trick back in June 27 when i first got Payoneer Card, also thanks for dragging down whole Pakistani Blogger community in dark by telling them half story about the card thing!

    Guys you can also withdraw your money from paypal to your local bank, if you really want to know ask this author :) if he really have answer! or ask me directly! I’m up on twitter @Hamza_Tariq

    • http://www.itechshop.org/ Jameel Ahmed Memon

      why don’t you tell the full story? even i don’t know you brother so how come i could copy your idea… even this thing is already posted on many forums included payoneer community so i just concluded from multiple places and put things in order and posted here…

      I think you are trying to be over smart, if this is your idea why you never posted it any where?

    • http://webconcern.net Imran

      Its a children game dear, plimus, odesk and many other ways are there to withdraw money in pakistan, its easy. transfer money from paypal to plimus,odesk or other service which supports payoneer and then use your card to withdraw your money :)

  • M Asad Rasheed

    They block your account and seize your funds when they know what you did , so please use moneybookers , 2CO or alertpay.

    And Author please stop telling us wrongs ways which you called “desi jugars”


  • http://www.xpresservers.com/ Hassan Latif

    I have payoneer card but paypal is not accepting any address. I have legit usa address with me but since my card is on my own pakistani address then how I can verify my acount?

    • http://www.itechshop.org/ Jameel Ahmed Memon

      verify thru Virtual Bank Account, when it would be approved you will be provided with address to put there

      • http://www.xpresservers.com/ Hassan Latif

        I already have VBA. But I want to add my payoneer card rather than bank. Is there any address which can be accepted on paypal?

        @admin; you didn’t provided much details just told the way. Posting incomplete methods is just waste of time for many of us or almost all visitors.

        • http://www.itechshop.org/ Jameel Ahmed Memon

          its better to contact payoneer customer support with your query as they better guid you..

          one more thing why you don’t want to add VBA?

          • http://www.xpresservers.com/ Hassan Latif

            Thanks for very quick and reasonable reply. Yes I must contact to payoneer support as I am a really newbie and I don’t know how to handle such things.

            Also this posting has been cloned from following url http://www.zaldydalisay.com/get-your-paypal-verified-using-a-payoneer-debit-card/ with few modifications.

            @admin; if you created account and verified this method then you must post your own screenshots not from other websites.

            • http://www.itechshop.org/ Jameel Ahmed Memon

              Its not cloned by the way Hassan. as i am the actual writer and admin of this blog modified it to fulfill his requirement and posted it. as for as article is concern its simply conclusion of different posts few of them are officially posted by payoneer.
              but yes some part of this article is taken from the link you have posted

  • usman
    • http://www.itechshop.org/ Jameel Ahmed Memon

      no more banned

    • http://www.xpresservers.com/ Hassan Latif

      Payoneer was banned a long time ago. After such issues they switched their bank from Meta Bank to Choice Bank. And now payoneer working just fine.

      A suggestion for all payoneer users, withdraw your funds on multinational banks. DO NOT ever use MCB ATMs for withdrawal. They take much percentage than Standard Chartered Bank. MasterCard can be used on Barclays, Citi, Standard Chartered and MCB.

      • http://www.itechshop.org/ Jameel Ahmed Memon

        thanks for your input

        • sea

          aap alert pay ke bare main bata saktey hai keh kon si pakistani bank main iss ke pese aasaktey hai .allah hafiz

  • Unknown

    Isn’t it typical of fellow Pakistanis to circumvent the system?

  • stylo

    I have one question… How people get Payoneer card in USA. Payoneer send Master Card through Mail and it takes 30 days..

  • Arsal

    I dont think this big procedure let you work…Paypal will detect and block your account..
    Simple way of getting paypal verified in pakistan is to make request to your relatives that are outside the country Pakistan…

  • Arshad


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    PAYPAL 4029357733 LUX ” can someone help me with this??? how can i add my payoneer account to my Paypal and become verified ..


  • Sajid Ali

    I can bet my ass it’s not paypal’s fault they are unable to offer services in Pakistan. Our f***ing SBP is the reason. It’s a joke of a state bank. I wanted to buy a domain few weeks back and their option was either pay through paypal or bankwire. Since no paypal here, I went to the bank and tried a bank wire, but guess what I came to know?

    You can only send a bank wire to a foreign company if you have a dollar account + you yourself need to have a business account.

    See guys? it’s actually “OUR”(i am hesitant in calling them ours, since they’re basically our enemies) so called joke of a state bank doesn’t even want anyone to send a bank wire..A bank wire is a most well documented procedure etc, so if they wont let us even send that, they certainly won’t be allowing us to send money freely to other countries.

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    And can i withdraw pp money to my payoneer mastercard even if i don’t have payoneer VBC? or i also must required payoneer VBC for pp withdrawal?

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    i just read a newspaper dated march 5, 2010. that payoneer has blocked access to pakistan due to some shitty us regulation or pakistani regulation…
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    Which address should i put in to my payoneer card details.A United States one or the my own Pakistan one in both form.
    Will my card work in PayPal if i make using Pakistan address.
    I heard that to verify US PayPal account you just need a Bank account.Credit card is not necessary.Is that true?

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    Your procedure means I have to put US VBA address in PayPal..But since we are using internet from PAkistan wouldn’t they detect it instantly?
    I was reading on other forum that providing an address of malaysia makes it easy to verify paypal with a virtual card and even use it from Pakistan.
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    A really big thanks to author of this post, thanks you so much for copying my whole idea and your 30 minutes effort on writing the whole post. Big Thanks! I talked about this trick back in June 27 when i first got Payoneer Card, also thanks for dragging down whole Pakistani Blogger community in dark by telling them half story about the card thing!

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    Jameel Bhai, thanks for your post. I applied for a Payoneer card and got it. But I want to ask you why do I need a VBA account? How do I apply for this?

    If my card is active and funds are uploaded, can’t I provide these details to PP? Also, on the PP, billing address is set by default to the US-address I provided. Is this OK?

    Thanks again for giving us this ray of hope.

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    Hi Jameel Ahmed bro.
    You have got very good idea.
    I want to make sure that can I use the infolinks at debit card world wide atms? I think yes because it is Mastercard, am I right?

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    Paypal account can be made for those workers who are working online through the employer. If the funds are in paypal then these could be withdrawn with a card with a VISA logo. How payoneer card can be used to make the withdrawal from paypal?

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        No that is not possible. As freelancer.com is not a money exchange. You can withdraw your “EARNINGS” only not the FUNDS that you had uploaded via paypal or any other.

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    I only want to ask that do we have to put USA address in Payoneer card?


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    (Please note: Make sure that your payoneer card is activated and has funds in it as paypal will deduct a certain amount ($1.95) for verification which will reflect in your paypal account later.)
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    I’d like a comment or two from the writer of this post. If he doesn’t guarantee the verified PP, then we should not go for it. Did he try this method? If no, then this post is useless. I have seen comments from Ahmed, it seems he’s right. We should not go for this way until we are sure this method works.

  • M Usman

    i have unverified account of paypal with my saudi orignal details
    and payoneer approved with pakistani orignal details can i submit my payoneer details to this or create new one

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    • http://www.helpitx.com/ Jari Ullah

      I have been using Payoneer since two years. I don’t think Paypal will send you jail :) Because its not easy to send millions of people to jail :D Lolz..
      Check out my blog, you will find a lot there. The only thing which is making me frightened is that I am not receiving a lot of referrals nowadays ! Before Ramadhan, my average was 5 referrals per day whole year but now it is 1 referral per 5 days :!

  • kamran Iqbak

    .i need help. Actually i got couple of hundreds dollars on Paypal account. I made and Payoneer account and linked it on Paypal. Unfortunately i didn’t receive any Paypal verification transaction on payoneer. I was trying to make it by removing and again linking the bank account of payoneer on Paypal but when i removed the payoneer bank link it gets block neither i can sent money nor update my account or add bank link it’s totally block.

    Can you please help me out what to do. they want verification of address or phone call pr text message code or bla bla which i can’t give yar i live in Pakistan. Can you please help me out from this mess i’m tense.

    Thank you

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