Jan 11, 2012

  • Tahir Javed

    nice :)

  • HAmza Younas

    hmm i will buy Nokia Lumia 900 can you please put the price also

  • PakAdTrader

    You forgot to mention local market price (In Rs) for these phones

  • waqas

    Here Nokia is much better option as specs and hardware is great by Nokia.

  • Saeed

    Nokia should adopt Andriod OS for future business.

  • Waqar

    512Mb RAM for Nokia Lumia900 is disappointing :(

  • tehmas

    o`o… go for SONY XPERIA S… the best smartphone till now…!

  • Bilal

    dude these phones are for U.S only till yet. its still not confirm that whether they will release all around the world or not. but till now they are only for us and network locked. please mention this in post also.

  • Ali

    Any idea about local price for these?

  • Sufyan

    @Saeed Nokia doesn’t have an android Lisence , how could they adopt it ?

  • Sufyan

    @Bilal ,
    They are not limited to USA,
    Nokia Lumia has already been released in India long time ago

    • Bilal

      it was lumia 800 not 900. 900 is only released for USA. for AT&T i think.

  • summera khalid

    Nokia is a better ioption in Pakistan , the HTC its use in Pakistan is limited, i use blackberry and i am familiar of all the problems ,