• This meet up is realty superb and good experience for me, There should be some more activities like this on regular bases, I am sure trend of blogging will rise more in upcoming days…

  • Excellent initiative!!!

  • shariq

    bhai yeh itni khamoshi se kion organize kia? I wish you would have publicize it before doing so or atleast posted on your blog about meetup.

    P.S: accept advance apologies if you already did so but I missed it.

  • nice job

  • best of luck

  • superb !!
    but you should post this in blogup so that users can also participate. .

  • O yar It would be a great thing to attend. Guys is this for ProPakistani Team only or you invited specific people only???

    M soo sad :(

  • kashif

    no girls?

  • that was an awesome event. i am sorry about getting late but believe me i really enjoyed.

  • A small contribution from my side about this bloggers meet up


  • great event, bloggers should cheer up

  • Wow.. nice 1.. well. just went through the pics and found it nice.. Hope to have these kinda events more and more in the locality. Best of luck. :)

  • Great, bt No invitations?

  • The meetup was very nice and first time, I guess this meetup was a mixed one, which included IT professionals and bloggers. I was honored to be the part of the event and hope that Microsoft arrange more meetups like this to interact with the IT professionals and bloggers to know their problems and their approach in different areas. Pakistan is one of the fastest growing Software Development country. We are more into application development rather than service oriented things. Pakistani developed apps are most on the top of App stores and Market places worldwide. Therefore, I think, Microsoft should take a very serious step into Pakistan to facilitate the developers and IT gurus more.

    • +1

    • Talal I agree, also there is lots of talent here, lots of fresh Grads, who need to be put on correct track. With organization like Microsoft and such more stepping in, we could go much further.

    • Hey, aren’t you a photographer.

  • Karachi bloggers can join 247online.tv launch meetup on 28th january.

    Send me your details on my email.

  • good one, next time should be open for masses, whoever is interested, plus must be properly marketed.

    Would love to have similar event in RWP/ISB.

  • This is good stuff and its really nice to see such events for bloggers in Pakistan. Thumbs up for Aamir Atta!

  • Its amazing that almost none of the bloggers here blog about MS tech.

  • good effort, Keep it up.