• Not intersting

    • abc

      As they say, ‘a cynic is one who knows the meaning of everything and the value of nothing’.

      Sadly, your comment just reflected that. If you’re not interested in the offer, you didn’t really have to mention it. But a more appropriate comment would have been something along the lines of ‘good offer on prepaid’, considering no other telco is giving blackberry services on prepaid.

      And no, I’m not a Ufone fanboy, nor do I own a Ufone connection, but your comment was just…typical, unfortunately.

      • khan


      • daddy

        you should go f*** yourself

  • osama

    is it available for prepaid

  • Yasir Latif

    Good move by Ufone, I liked it.

  • On GPRS? They should’ve waited till 3g arrives.

    • Faizan

      BIS is already compressed data,so its bearable. Plus BBM doesn’t require that much data at all. I used it for a month on 3G and all I used was around 1MB or so with constant chats.

  • Arsalan


  • Zahid

    I agreed with abc

  • Faizan

    It is an awsome initiative on pre-paid. To keep in touch with friends and family abroad who have BBM. I know can be done on (android/iOS) :P

  • omer

    whatsapp beats bb messenger any day.

    why you havent approves my above comment.??????????? any specific reason

  • Mani

    i think its only available for postpaid connections

  • Zahid

    Yap for postpaids only

  • Arsalan

    postpaids only

  • HolierThanThou

    On Edge…. Blackberry services are far ahead iOS and Android. I currently have a Nexus and a Blackberry, so i can compare he two.

    Blackberry Service uses compressed data. It is not possible to use facebook or communicate with friends on nexus s, the way i do on my blackberry.

    • Arsalan


  • Lovely packages for all of us…:)

  • desidhol

    Will whatsapp work on these two plans?

  • khuram

    I’m using ufone’s complete BB package. I want to know that is there any data limit in this package? If I you youtube then how much data I can use is there any ristriction of data?

  • Mani


    The data limit on Ufone Complete is 4GB. Not sure about the Social package.

    Source: Ufone Franchise.

  • Haris

    wht,s the model of blackberry………..

  • kamran khan

    it should b available on prepaid

    • SherryOla

      We need BBM service available on pay as you go (With a good monthly price scheme for BBM service) as the end of story. How long this country will take to bring that ON. Its such bullsh8 to travel to pk knowing there wont be bbm working unless pay crazy amount to some supported network for the damn contract instead of simple solutions.
      People have money to get smart devices no problem but silly networks can make services available until they get stacks of money from contracts. let us be free finally gosh!!!

  • rabia

    how to configure blackberry for internet use with ufone

    • blakh

      send me urr bb pin ill inbox yeah