• It Will Be good

  • As an SEO analyst I am waiting for this amazing analytical tool. I hope this will not disappoint us.

  • Sacha Kaka

    Great, other Pakistani developers should also spend time in creating this kind of tools.

    A local search engine, stable url shorteners etc

  • and where can we test/demo the tool?

  • Umair

    Good to see people in Pakistan are now seriously taking interest in Social Media.

  • The info graphics provided is either fake or wrong. This article is for pakistani market and info graphic states data from US or some other country. Who posts or comments on time frame of 12am to 9am. i am brand manager or make pages and peek time of posts/comments/engagement is from 9am to 7pm.

  • Irfan

    May be the Time band is US based. Excited to see the finished product!!

  • All block porn webs are reopen on ptcl.

  • Maryum

    Good to know that this state-of-the art tool is capable of changing the way we look at social media.
    The dynamic nature of this tool which allows non-admin pages to be explored is a major breakthrough in the social media business. Thumbs up for this tool! Can’t wait to lay my hands on it!

  • Raza Khan

    Hi Aamir:

    When can we see the tool? Is it endorsed by Facebook?

  • Wow, waiting for it to get release.This will really hep the brand managers.

  • This one is awesome and really cool, when it will be released..?

  • Hirra

    Understanding consumer behavior on social media would be a lot easier….can’t wait for the tool to be launched…Great job guys!

  • Nauraiz

    I’ve seen international tools like BuddyMedia, Social Bakers and Involver etc – but all these companies are funded by international/silicon valley giants/VCs. Seeing something from Pakistan, is definitely going to be interesting!

  • Ehsan Sheikh

    Serial entrepreneur? never heard of him more like serial _-_– …This chap is a newbie probably ….there are so many social media tools out there that have done this ANDDDD more

    wheres this serial guy???whos he working for?

  • Hirra

    Apparently the guy is running a digital marketing agency and is doing some pretty good job. http://www.slideshare.net/muhammadadnanbutt/adnan-butt-profile-written-by-awais-hameed-khan

    So lets just appreciate and support Adnan for working on such a brilliant initiative.

  • Zarmina Sarfraz

    @ Ehsan:

    Why would you comment on someone like this! :) Also, I’m an active user of these tool, which one of these are Non-Admin tools?? Please do share the links if you have!


  • Haseeb Arif

    @ Zarmina .. There are tools like Involver, Buddy Media, Radian 6 … but most of these give you admin side access. I’m not really sure how would and to which extend the information would be available for non admin side …

  • Alwina

    wow! Can’t wait for it to be launched and see the finished product!

  • Sana

    It’s good to see how people are finally taking interest in Social Media. Good luck!

  • Osama

    Good Job!! waiting for it, since i have to make reports 4 times in a week this tool would be of great help. Launch it already!!

  • Is the tool out yet ?

  • Is this out yet? end of May 2012 is gone and no news about the tool being released?

  • I think this can enhance the local target market.

  • Great initiative by Pakistanis