• Askani

    Wish to get one,,,,,, I did a huge blunder by buying a nokia c6 for 20K. It doesn’t support apps.

    • Bilal Hashim

      No probs dost happens to everyone.

  • asifsomy

    What about HTC EVO 3D?

    • Dont buy Evo 3D iam HTC’s fan but EVO 3D is one of worst phone I have ever used from HTC. I have just returned it after 2 days. Poor color, poor picture quality, heavy, very poor 3d quality, I also have LG 3d Optimus its far better as compare to EVO but its disadvantage is its currently supports Android 2.2 if you wanna buy HTC Phone go for Sensation.

  • You forgot HTC Evo 3D… =P

  • LG has no market in Pakistan. While Xperia U looks great but due to the limited storage it will suck in the future. Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 looks promising and has some good features with it. I will definitely go for Samsung.

    • luk at price diference now dear..xperia u is avalable for 16k while ace 2 is of 27k :P 8gb memry aik nrmal admi k lye boht hoti ha..perfomance,display cmara sb xperia u ka bot behtr ha ace 2 se

  • saleet

    Welll …. Are these mid range prices ????? :/

    • Azeemullah hasan

      Well, the entry level phones are those which are below the 20K mark and the flagship models are normally those above the 40-45K mark. So these mid-rangers are those that come in between.

  • bilal

    these are mid range for 50K+ buyers and costly for 10K- category..
    however nice post and good looking smart phones

  • Sherazi

    Dear Admin plz correct the price of Xperia U.
    as in heading its written 24990 and at bottom its showing 25900.

  • Hassan00107

    hmmm you forgot Sony xperia sola

    • Azeemullah hasan

      Xperia Sola wasn’t added because it was quite similar in specs to the Xperia U. Also it was a bit more expensive.

  • Which one is cheaper??? All are above my one month salary :P

  • alina

    @admin: plz admin promote also a ( Q-Mobile ) pakistani mobile brand, it has also launched new high quality Android smartphones from Rs 9k to 11k , just go to qmobile website dan u wil c there that its a Pakistani own mobile brand which are manufactured in P.R.C for Pakistan, and near future it wil have a factory in Karachi, so plz admin for God sake dont cal it chinease, it doesnt mean that if Nokia have a factory in china dan nokia wil b an chinease brand , its wrong nokia is a finland brand which has just factory in china which manufacture mobiles for finland, so Qmobile is a Pakistani brand which is now exporting 2 afghanistan, u.a.e, k.s.a , iran etc

    • Q Mobiles are obsoleted phones they have launched 2.2 / 2.3x Android current version is 4.0.3 so never buy Q Mobile android phones those phones are worst.

      • Copper

        Android 2.3 is not yet obsolete. Wait a bit more and 4.0 from china will storm the market as Ice Cream Sandwich is open sourced

        • Shahid Saleem


          What are you talking about? ICS source has been available for several months now.

          As for trend, 2.2 is getting obsolete day by day but 2.3 is still okay:


          However, it is very likely that 2.3 will be like 2.2 in just one year. so do you want a phone for one year, or do you want a phone for longer? Certainyl 2.3 phones will not be upgraded to Jelly.

      • According to Google report at the end of June 2012, About 63.6% of Android users are still using Gingerbread (2.3.3 to 2.3.7 version with API level 10) on their mobile devices. Market share of IceCream Sandwich (4.0.3 to 4.0.4 version with API level 15) is only 10.7%. QMobile Noir A5 and A2 have Gingerbread (2.3.4) which is ok for a low end Smart phone.

    • Omair Ahmed

      Qmobile is Extremly costly set with poor specification..For example…Qmobile A2 (650 MHZ ,128Mb RAM) =9,500 whereas Galaxy pocket (832MHZ , 289Mb Ram , 17 Hours talk time) = 10,500…
      Similarly A5 = 11,500 ( 650Mhz , 5hr Talk time , No GPU , Poor camera) whereas HTC Explorer = 11,440 (600MHz Cortex A5 , Adreno 200 GPU , 7.40 hour talk time)….

      • Haider

        To Omair Ahmed: Both Samsung Pocket and HTC Explorer have NO secondary video call camera. Both are single SIM mobiles. Samsung Pocket has 2MP camera with MP4 video recording at 320 x 240 pixels resolution at 15 fps rate. HTC Explorer has 3.2 MP camera with MP4 video recording at 640 x 480 pixels resolutions at 19 fps rate.
        Qmobile A5 is a dual SIM mobile having 5MP camera with MP4 video recording at 720 x 480 pixels resolutions at 28.5 fps rate. Both A2 and A5 have secondary video call camera.

        • Omair Ahmed

          COmeon the field…HTC explorer (3.15MP) camera is much much better than Qmobile(5MP)…same is with the video…. You have got no idea what Explorer 480P means…GOTO YOUTUBE and search “qmobile noir a5 cemera video result” and “HTC Explorer Video Camera Test” …
          See it yourself there is no difference (pardon me to say Explorer is not hanging whereas A5 lol on it)

          and taking about secondary camera…IN pakistan 3g will lauched in when you will be about 80yrs old…lol what is use for that when you cant USE SKYPE VIDEO CALL in A5?????????????

          • I have compared the video capture quality of 5 phones including HTC Explorer and QMobile Noir A5.I have made video phone calls on QMobile Noir A5 using Yahoo Messenger via WiFi and audio phone calls on Skype wia WiFi network. Please read my detailed review at this page:


    • Farhan

      qmobile android phones are not being manufactured in pakistan.

      noir A5 is available worldwide as
      micromax A75

      u can check from gsmarena

  • Android = Death of iOS

    Thats gonna happen in near future

  • i like the first one and the last one.

  • mobile bhai

    lg 3d ko chor k all mobiles r kachra n admin also paindu. coz motorola fire android 2.3 in 8500 also samsung pop plus android 2.3 8500. ab budget phone konsa hai khud decide. kia yar propakistani wakeup kachra news show karna band karo.

    • admin

      dual core processors hain woh?

      • Ahmad

        inn sahib ke liye china ka 2300 wala sab se acha rahe ga

    • Lolz LG 3D abhi tak upgradable nahi hai mery pas hai LG OPtimus 3D mujhe lagta hai apne HTC sensation use nahi kia warna ap yah na kehtay k LG 3d ko chor kar baqi sab kachra hai do some research dude.
      Jo mobiles ap ne diye han wo Dual Core nahi han es topic me Dual Core Cheap Android phones ke baat ho rahi hai. Atleast read before you post :p

  • Great Post, I loved the first set its cheap and has every thing i need.:)

    • Azeemullah hasan

      but don’t forget the fact that it hasn’t got a memory card slot.

  • naSir

    My htc explorer rocks………..

    • Omair Ahmed

      So true… Uncomparable in 12k cost…
      But in upto 18k Sony ericson rock with Xperia LIve walkman and Xperia Mini (both have 1ghz with adreno 205 GPU with Iceamcream ICU-4) official update….And in range ~ 7,000 nothing, i say NOTHING, can beat Huwai U8150 :)

  • mobile bhai

    admin tum pc to intel p4 use krahe ho or mobike main tumhe dual core chaye? yar 3g to hai nahi pakistan main. Jo mobile mene btay hain kia wo kam hain android with samsung quality best hai

    • admin

      Bahi, baat dual core handsets ki ho rahi hay, single core handets iss liye shamil nahi kiye gaye.

    • Face palm

      Oh ja bhai ja ke raveriyan baich..Post to dekho kya hai upar..

      Cheap Dual-Core Android Phones in Pakistan.
      DUAL CORE..

      Btw whats 3g got to do with cores? The admin is trying to educate people about the current trend and you are just trolling. Topic perhtay hain nahi shuru ho jatay hain…
      Waise according to you..Gas to hai nahi mera khiyal hai cycle khareed letay hain..gari se bohat sasti bhe ajati hai! :)

      • Sumair

        hahaha, exactly! Pata nai kaise jahil log hain. Baat dual core mobiles ki horahi hai aur ye MOBILE BHAI apni derh hoshyari maar rahe hain! Btw tumhe pata bhi hai k 3G kis khait ki mooli ka naam hai jo 3G aur Dual Core processor ko relate kar rahe ho?? :-/

  • udas bacha

    Readers are so stupid, this article is only about “dual core mid range phones”. I know they are not affordable by many (including me) but it does not mean we start criticizing using un ethical words for the writer or admin. Peace!

    • mudassar nawaz

      good.i second your opinion !

  • Rehman Saleem

    Ohh mere bhai. yeh 25 26K cheap ha?

    • muneeb

      rehman saleem is the root of corruption in the world and is the most manhoos

  • Fakhre alam

    Kindly do a post on single core processing phones

  • Salam, i agree with fakhre alam. Admin plz tell low price android phones in another thread. I think android best for other mobiles e.g. China phones, s40, s60

  • You may Forget the Pakistan’s first 3G enabled Android Smartphone; “EVO Droid”. Cost around Rs. 17,000/- with 6 month Internet Connection.

  • Naeemilyas

    Samsung Galaxy S 2 I9100 is best, if you really wana enjoy the touch smarth phone rest of all are worst. believe me…

  • Raheel

    The Cheapest Android Mobile having 2.3.4 release is A-5 of QMobile with 5mp camera, front camera, GPS, wifi…..only lacking is of 3G support which I find….Price Rs-10500/- only.

  • Ludhanvi

    Q mobile noair is best phone (8700) kon deta hai

  • Ludhanvi

    acer mobile kisa hai ager koi use ker raha hai to plz gaidline do

  • anyone can describe what is tablet pc? it is cell phone or pc? i am confused