• Salman Abbas

    LOL dispose off those shitphones already. I’d rather have a Nokia 1100 than this symbian shit.

  • Arsalan

    Hahaha I was expecting comments like what Salman Abbas wrote. Some will come and also say that “Who cares for Symbian now”. Let me give some facts.

    1. Since the start of 2012, 10.4 million units of have been sold i-e over 1 crore (Reference: http://www.bgr.com/2012/05/24/android-ios-market-share-q1-2012-blackberry-idc/).

    2. Nokia and Symbian are still the number one choice in China, the country with the largest population (Reference: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/05/25/china_nokia_symbian_smartphone/)

    So, if you don’t like Symbian and prefer Android, it doesn’t mean everyone else do the same. Symbian still has the market and people use it.

    • Salman Abbas

      1. Yeah.. bought by ignorant people like you in third world countries (i.e., Pakistan, India, China) who have no idea about the latest technology or the financial state of Nokia. They still think Nokia still as big as it was years ago.

      2. See 1.

      Yeah I wont be whining about Symbian here if noone used it, those noobs upset me.

      P.S: Lots of people using Symbian proves nothing.

  • Good reply dear. i think organization should support all palteforms

  • nokia e63 is an s60 phone which does not support this app. any suggestion to download a twitter app that can also share images to twitter?

  • pyari

    it’s amazing. Twitter is my best buddy. They always ends up in the favour of their customers :x

  • Saad

    Wow, since when did symbian got prefixed with Series 40?