• @ Muhammad Ali Raza Thanks for bringing this to ProPakistani.

    I am loving it!

  • waqar

    LOL @ fb comment by Asad Suphi

  • G G

  • Muhammad Ahmed

    Sorry Hackers Bhai, but Asad Suphi deserve a thumb up for his comment “Muchan Vaikh Apni Te Galan Vaikh”

    • lols

    • Faisal Raza

      Pakistan ka name k baray main kya khayal hain aapk yahan :-)

  • You will get surprised to know that he has given up hopes on getting his website released as he looks forward to get a new one.

    It feels strange as mentioned on ProPakistani that his website has been hacked and defaced again today, I think he might have tried to get it restored even after telling us that he is not looking to get it released from hackers.

    Source: http://ptetech.blogspot.com/2012/11/Update-Mubasher-Lucman-Looks-for-New-Website-After-Getting-Hacked.html

  • Muhammad Kashif Shabbir


    Ahem, Sorry, it was Irrepressible!

  • Is Mubashar Lucman that important. Look what happened to my traffic. Its on fire!

  • Found 155 domains hosted on the same web server, dear mubashar sahab can’t you buy a dedicated server for your website? and lol to this hacker who hacked this web on shared hosting which costs 2000 per year :P if u are really a hacker, then hack google bro :) nobody can’t be zombie_ksa :D

  • ha ha love that muchan vaikh te apni galan vaikh part ..

  • Rashid

    Mr. Mobi, get yourself an educated web developer. An illiterate can definitely be a TV show host but never a webmaster. Enjoy the sarcasm :D

  • Hun Araaaaaaam eh Mama ..

  • Salman Abbas

    lol Why Does He Type Like This..

  • lol

  • 5000 rupees mayn aisee hee website bunti hain :)

  • Well LuCman

    Ask Malik Riaz to Buy you a Dedicated Server ,Its Now or Never ha ha ha

  • Khaaru

    Hahahaha.. Check his english.. RIP… :P