PTA to Monitor all International Traffic through ICH

‘The News’ today reported that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is working on a proposal to maintain “International Clearing House” to monitor all calls that are landing into Pakistan from abroad.

News item said that PTA is making efforts to audit all incoming and outgoing international calls to make more money from taxes. It was told that Regulator is convinced that this way they may help small Long Distance and International (LDI) and LL (local loop) operators to survive in current competitive telecom market.
‘The News’ also discussed the impact this International Clearing House is going to make on telecom operators. Mainly the impression the News gave that this step from PTA is going to cost companies some bucks, at the same time, the implementation of any such project is not mentioned in LDI and LL Telecom Licenses.

ICH is said to be governed by an executive board that will bear the representation from almost all LDI operators. This board will monitor all landing points/gateways/switches and will conduct regular technical audits to ensure transparency.

Apparently, all LDI and LL operators, except PTCL are severely against the implementation of any such International Clearing House.

After consultation, PTA is expected to soon launch ICH, which may boost the grey traffic coming into the country.

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  • Hello AAmir

    Well this is my "counter attack" on your site after having observed your kind presence at my " home " hehehehe… Honestly , the subject matter of your site is nothing but a new experience for me .. I don't know what is this ICH and how it is going to effect telecommunication sector .. the first thing that came in my mind while reading ur post was that …" hyeeeee Allah calls monitor hon gee …main tu bhabi k sath baat karte sarey khandan ki buraian karti hon …usae uksaati hon k plz aap ki sweet nund ub bari ho gyee hae so es ki shadi kar dou …hyee Allah ub kya yeh sab "monitor" ho ga :( …..

    I think I'll do this type of "hashr nashr" of ur posts 4 some time then InshaAllah gradually i'll have more understanding about ur posts :)

    Wysey very informative "site " for me …Thank you so much for giving ur precious time to tell about all these things to (me) all :)

    God Bless You!!!

  • So kind of you Ms. Nayani, well you don't worry, this ICH thing is not going to intercept your personal conversations, instead it will keep an eye on quantity of incoming and outgoing calls (and revenues too) of Telecom companies, so they are taxed accordingly. I guess it was more simple this way…

    Yea keep on dropping your glowing words here…they sound amusing : – )

  • Thanx 4 clearing abt this clearing house :)

    You know "how to get traffic on your blog" se related posts parh parh k ub main har kisi ko shakk ki nigah se dekhti hon so ur last line I took as "quest fot comments " for ur site hehehehehe …mind matt karna I'm just kidding…dekho agar aysa hae bhi hae tu kya bura hae …I'll read ur good posts n will drop my words there my words will be "amusing" , as u say , so other ppl who visit ur site will also find them "amusing" and ultimately they will like to know about my personal blog so traffic on ur site will be diverted to my blog as well …kaisa ????…aap ka bhi faida aur myra bhi faida….:)

  • Dear Aamir,

    How are you? Do you have any idea what is ICH implementation date? i heard all LDI’s have signed 16th May, 2012 meeting its $.08 probabaly effective from June 15 2012.

    If you have any update let me know please, looking forward to hearing from you.

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