UPS Sale Climbs in Pakistan

During this very intensive load shedding routine, throughout the country, the demand and prices of Un-interrupted Power Supply (UPS) has seen a record climb in electronics history.

The high demand of UPS has been observed throughout the country mainly in major cities including, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Multan, Peshawar and others. By cashing the demand, UPS manufacturers, sellers and retailers have substantially increased prices, at the same time they are also running out of their stocks. On average a retailer is selling twenty five plus UPS units every day. This ratio was only 2 pieces a week just few months back.

Retailers accept only advance orders, while the UPS units are delivered in at least a week or ten days’ time after the order is placed in cash. I just happened to get a UPS for my friend, from Rawalpindi College Road. I was referred to this shopkeeper Mohammad Imran by mutual friend. Despite of very close references, and pleas he didn’t agree on giving us the UPS straightaway, in fact we are going to get the UPS in 8 days.

Mohammad Imran told me that he has 4 workers who remain busy in preparing UPS units whole day long, and they are able to produce only 16 UPS units each day. “I have not witnessed this much demand of any appliance in my twenty three years career”, told Imran.

On the other hands, due to rush in preparing UPS units, there remain countless flaws due to speedy work and inexperience low age electricians; which in result may cause damages to valuable electrical appliances.
Lets discuss the prices as well, which have doubled and in few cases even more than of that. 1000 Watts UPS unit, which may entertain 3 ceiling fans, 2 tube lights couple of energy savers, is being sold in PKR 10,000. This price does not include the battery that may cost the customer additional PKR 6000 for 130 ampere battery. There prices range from PKR 5,500 to PKR 150,000…depending on capacity.

Un-interrupted Power Supply (UPS) Unit

As shown in the picture (sorry for the bad quality of image), there consists two elements, one is UPS and other is battery. You can also get a case box to pack both things in a relatively good looking UPS; however that will cost you extra PKR 2,500.

Imran told another very interesting fact, that I want to share, is the calculation of power consumption of home appliances. (I am nil in electronics; neither had I studied electronics as my major), so you better calculate your power before ordering your UPS….

You should get 1000 Watts UPS for following items

1 computer that includes System Unit, 15 inches Monitor, Modem (650 watts), two Tube lights, and one fan. Or in another arrangement you can accommodate 3 ceiling fans, 2 tube lights couple of energy savers with this 1000 Watts UPS. So if you have anything that consumes more power than of, try thinking for 2000 Watts, which will cost you PKR 20,000.

Furthermore, if you an electronics guru, must verify the output that your UPS is giving (in terms of Watts) as Imran told us that his 1000 Watts labeled UPS units normally give 800 Watts…

NOTE: Prices mentioned in this post can vary depending on your local market trends

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK