Is Mobile Phone Hacking Possible?

Can any one hack Mobile Phone Communication ??? Below is the series of emails and discussion that may reveal instances of Mobile Phone hacking in Pakistan. I am not adding anything, as Zeeshan (the victim) has himself briefed everything.

Only one guide that i want to add is “Immediately change your SIM once you find out that someone is intercepting your communication. Don’t try experiment with any such interception”

Almost 2 weeks ago, 1 got following email from Mr. Zeeshan…

Assalamo Alaikum.

I have been facing a lot of trouble for the last many weeks. It seems as if my Ufone number has been hacked by someone. I have been receiving calls from multiple spoofed numbers which include mobile and land line id’s. My text messages are being intercepted before or after they are delivered to my friends.

The sender (Hacker) has full command over the delivery date, time and telephone number of his choice and he can read my messages and send a reply from any cell number he desires, I am really puzzled. I have sent complaints to the Ufone and PTA authorities through email but they didn’t consider heeding them.

Afterwards, the issue was taken to TGP by Babar Bhatti, and following is the crux of discussion that went on there

“I really wonder if this can be done by anyone else other than the Operator (at the MSC) or by the legal intercept spooks”…..”I am not going to narrate the details how they do it, as it may reveal very crucial information through which one can intercept your GSM communication”…..”To be quite fair, this sounds like a phone hack and not a sim hack”….”Most of the companies are outsourcing their call-centers now a days and there’s a high chance that the applications are misused by CSR within Operator or their partners”….”as above i would call it inside job”

Mr. Zeeshan mailed me back, with following content after the discussion…

In response to these comments I would ask your permission to let me furnish a few details. I am a student and my phone usage is purely of domestic origin. I don’t consider myself to be liable for the Legal Interception. Secondly, I am using a handset which doesn’t contain GPRS, infrared or Bluetooth facilities, so the possibilities of phone hack are out of place.

About two years ago I received a call from my sister’s cell number, who teaches at University of Karachi. There was a male on the other end who appeared to be a literate figure with an enchanting voice like most of the operators/service representatives possess. He told me that he had found the cell from the parking area and he was willing to return it back to us. I made two or three subsequent calls on the same (my sister’s) number that and it was received by the same person. But when I contacted my sister at her office, she was amazed over the whole situation since her cell was in her possession. I just couldn’t understand how could that man call me and receive my calls.

The same person made me a call from a local land line number a few days later and introduced himself as a service representative of Ufone. He further asked me to let him know three ufone numbers of my choice that I wished to be included into my free favorite list. I didn’t took him serious this time. But when I tried to recall him the number was dead. What was that?

It is for the last many weeks that I am facing similar problems more frequently. The culprit rings me miss calls from multiple mobile, local and international numbers and sends me messages from multiple mobile numbers which include almost all cellular networks of Pakistan. He has even communicated me through the numbers of my contacts via SMS. Whenever one of my contact makes me call or I call him/her during the call an SMS comes from the same number with wordings as, ”KEUN TANGG KARTAY HO ISAY.BOHAT ACHA LAGTA HAY MUJHAY PARESHAN KAR K” etc.. I am sure he can even listen our conversation since short after disconnecting the call I receive messages from the same number that are relevant to the course of the conversation. Let me tell you that most of the spoofed mobile and landline numbers belong to the Punjab region. I really am fed up of this situation and I have settled to terminate the use of a cell phone .This is a ruthless practice of Harassment and no one is there to rescue the victims. I am sure that I am not alone having such complaints. But I am the one who have raised my voice in pursuit of guidance and security.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Aaqil Mahmood

    yes its possible.

    • sagu

      @Aaqil Mahmood,
      hey if u know to hack mobile please tell me please. my and my gf;s mobile is being hacked. please tell me how to do.

      • Valentine Aaqil Mahm

        @sagu, What was the handset make and model of your gf?

        • muddassir

          aaqil bhai aap apna e mail dejye ap sae bht zrori baat krni hai,,

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      @Aaqil Mahmood, please call me for more information (081251467746)

    • adnan

      nokia 6600 hack the methed

    • Muhammad Ather

      Oh you didn’t tell me before :O

  • eeewww… yup.. I racon its possible! I see how people transfer balance to each others mobile.. you cant even pass your phone to any friend..

    • mbashir hussan

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      • Ahsan

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        • john

          muje kisi ka num hack krna ah,
          mai chahta un k muje uss k text pta chal jaein

  • jonu

    how to hack mobile balance code. mobile reta. recharj the mobile in his mobile so how to hack the mobile recharj code

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  • s. ali

    how to hack your sugetion & send email [email protected]

    • Rock-Xone

      Oye Titli
      what u gonna do wid hacking join network mobiles easy to legal way sweety

      • Rock-Xone

        @Rock-Xone, Do not Rep me mail me

  • Faraz Ahmed

    please give me the method of hacking ufone balance

  • Zubair

    I think that is possible there is on thing which can be done. this most probably this guy was calling from some VoIP service in this case you can set the number of your own choice for calling purposes and some good VoIP services do have option to recive the call backs as well you can ever send sms to any number from any number :)

  • zubair thanks for sharing your thought…can we have more details? if u ve them?

  • Zeeshan, thanks for dropping in…


    Every Telecom company, globally, retain procedures to intercept into anyone's voice or data communication. It is like if someone is operating on my computer, then i can have access to every single keyboard input.

    So most probably, the person who was intercepting voice call was from the cellular company.

    Along with this, yes there are methods to get into voice conversation of any mobile phone users. But that involves high-tech methods, I am not going to narrate the details how they do it, as it may reveal very
    crucial information through which one can intercept your GSM communication.

    As stated earlier, any such victim must change his/her number immediatly, changing the operator may not help
    him/her much….

    Notify your cellular operator and regulator authority (PTA) too about any such incidence, if it happens.


    • akbar

      @Aamir Attaa, Salaam bro, kindly contact me on my email

      need your help bro


    • ibrahim

      Aamir bhi jan koi asa softwear ha gis sa hum mobile no ko trace kr sky.plz ans me
      [email protected]

    • maria

      I am in desperate need of help regarding hacking n tapping the operators who hack are threatening and abusing I do have a picture of one of them its a whole network they have men and women as well working togather and they enjoy making others life miserable please please help me regarding this matter

  • zeeshan

    Hye ! This is me, Zeeshan..The guy wasn't calling through VOIP.How could he receive my call then?Aamir bhai is it possible for someone to intercept the GSM communication through VOIP? I have gone through a huge magnitude of articles and websites to attain a little know how about this matter and In my worthless opinion it isn't possible by the means which Zubair has described above.

  • Zeeshan

    Changing the number didn't help me at all Aamir bhai.You are an expert and you may well realize that I might not be the primary victim.Let us suppose my contacts sphere is an infected computer having one or more corrupted files.And whenever I plug a fresh USB(Cell Number)into its port,it will be infected as well.The situation is similar to the links of a chain where each knuckle is attached to another(Like a series circuit).And it is almost impossible for all of my contacts, except a few of my intimate relatives, to arrange and carry another cell exclusively for my being.I am sure you must have got what I mean to say.
    We have seen a revolution in the field of telecommunications in Pakistan during the last couple of years and mushroom like growth of cellular companies is evident. Nowadays even a Hawker can carry and afford a cell phone.No doubt this is an appreciable advancement but only if it is handled safely and positively.We are well aware of the term " CYBER CRIME " but none of the common folks in our country (Even the highly literate figures) are aware of the term "MOBILE or CELLULAR CRIME" which is a sound known fact and is far more dangerous than the cyber crime itself.
    Legal Interception of cellular communication is a method which is meant for the Solidarity of Nations and law enforcement personnel usually do not misuse their authority for personal grievances or for any purpose other than their duties.But what about those evil minded persons in the civil community who have adopted such practices under malafide intentions?..Certainly and absolutely, they are criminals !..Cellular companies are striving their hard to beat their competitors but it really deplorable that they have nothing to do with the security and privacy of their customers.
    Whenever a user submits a complain ( like myself did) they usually come up with the stock reply "WE ARE HAVING THE STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY AND WHATEVER YOU'VE STATED IN YOUR COMPLAIN IS IMPOSSIBLE"..What a solution !!
    This is a matter of grave concern Aamir Bhai but what are we waiting for?..I strongly insist that the Govt authorities, especially the higher officials of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and The Federal Investigation Agency should look into the matter seriously. The FIA has earlier established a separate wing for Corroboration of Cyber Crimes.There is a need to set up another wing to entertain individual complains regarding Cellular Crimes…I must say thanks to you and other patrons to pay heed to my voice Aamir Bhai. You are great ,I must say !!………..This is I, Zeeshan.

    • Ali Imran

      well just read your posts. All what you explained is possible through SIM Cloning, Mobile Phone Spy softwares and Voice over IP Based Caller ID Spoofing Techniques. If your are concerned about interception of voice calls then ask your service provider to disable Call Conferencing feature for your number. Check your SMS usage.If its on higher side then tell me. As far as i understand, your phone is bugged.

      But i am just wondering that why someone is after you and why is he using all the latest techniques to piss you off.

      for ur information, let me tell you that you can lodge your complaint to Cyber Crimes Wing of Federal Investigation Agency through their website

      I am also part of the same department and want to help you. Please gimme your Mobile model and you Cell telephone number on my email account [email protected].

      I'll be glad to help you finding the culprit and bringing to the task.

      you'll definitely going to get good help.

      • maria

        I have a similar problem I have changed mobile sets sims very often and there was a time I changed my number 5 times in a month they would some how get my number out the people who are hacking me are threatening me not only that they call everyone I know and abuse them I would really like this problem to go away I do have picture of one of them one of them stopped me and started asking for help then texted me indicating that it was him whi stopped me it as ok when none of them were really visible they were just threatening on phone but now its too much cause i dont know what these people really want I mean whats the point in threatening me one day and then stopping me the next day and then telling me that it was him. One time they acted as if one of my friend and started abusing that really caused a confusion among my friends and me. there are alot of other incidents but now it is really serious

  • Zeeshan, i will get in touch with you on email to get more information about your number and other details, so i may seek resolution for your problem by raising this question at some other forums that includes some of my contacts in cellular companies….!


  • zeeshan

    Thank you very much indeed for being so responsive towards my concerns Aamir Bhai.There was a time when I had to confront a lot of mental stress because of this ruthless activity.It was because I was totally unaware of something which I am aware of at present.Some of my friends were willing me to forward my case to the FIA since short after disconnection of my cell number I started receiving malicious e-mails.My Id’s were hacked and blocked and spywares were sent to my PC.Even now,my PC contains spywares and viruses and I am frequently receiving similar e-mails.. But I didn’t go for it because I was suspicious about the inclusion of someone close to myself. Since learning is experience, I was willing to learn as to who did and how did. I am greatly indebted to my intimate friends and patrons,including yourself,who helped me a lot to make the situation clear to me.I must admire your profound knowledge in your field…Thanks indeed for everything once again…Zeeshan

    • Ali

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    • dumbs

      it looks phantom enemy as i can see they are send you spywares, it really makes me laugh. I don’t know much about Mobile communication i know about IT so it is your phantom enemy. Please do visit Doctor as soon as possible :)

  • rizwan

    hi every one how can send free sms

    • Noorislam

      @rizwan, u can send free sms to all connections in belove link ………..0333-9726962

  • Muhammad Ahsan Aziz

    Mobile hacking is not possible in a GSM network…..
    Only operator can listen user's calls or if someone have duplicate SIM with same IMEI, there are some security algorithms and no one can break it.

    • don

      u can break the security algorithms if u have good writer plus software

  • @ Muhammad Ahsan Aziz,

    Thanks for your valued input, can you please quote some link for the purpose of authenticity.

    I am posting a news today regarding the hack of GSM phones in Pakistan, and the role of Government…!


  • Ramzan

    how to make a u fone internet GPRs is active.
    send me PC setting

  • Muhammad Ahsan Aziz

    @ Aamir Attaa

    Reference to the books "Principles and applications of GSM" by Vijay K Garg and "GSM CDMA One and 3G systems" by Raymond Steele, Chin Chun Lee

    In these books the description of security algorithms given but not the coding of algorithms.

  • hamid

    i am a new user in this fiels and i wana learn mobiles circut boards and to be a good mobile phone tecnicion can you help me please i am a shoop keeper i wana do every thing complete you can help as you want if you wants

  • zaheer

    i have also suffered from mobile hacking last nite.I was messagig with my friend and some recepted those friends msgs were actually intercepted by him.He sent me two of my msgs which were send by my friend.out of two one was sent by my own number that i was using at that time and other msg was from zong no.I am using Zong no.

  • Adon

    It is possible I think someone is doing that to me and I really want it to stop but it is someone that I am close to, so changing my number wont work…Is there any way to block this or to stop it at all. I have an alltel phone and that seems to be the only phone this person can track

  • asim

    i want to hacking blance recharging on telenor network any solution

  • imran

    So easy it can be happen, its all things be executed by MSC i m 100% sure if u need detail i can provided you

    • syed ali

      dude i want detail of mobile hacking

  • Zeeshan

    Dear Aamir bhai,I have tried another sim with a new handset with entirely new chain of contacts among which there is not a single number I used to contact through my old sim and there is no intervention this time.I was being suggested by someone to practice this technique and it was successful.I am sure there is a lot more to consider beyond MSC's..What does your assessment say now?..The behavior of my previous handset was altogether abnormal.I couldn't switch it on or off intentionally and it displayed old messages with the same old subject matter and date which clearly indicates that my handset carries some kind of spy software.This is what has been confirmed by a friend of mine who is an IT professional.This is a challenging task( With Apologize) at your disposal now to find out if there is anyway to send malicious softwares through wireless techniques to take control over someone's mobile device?I think this is possible since American based FBI is currently using similar techniques.Please share this thought with Salman bhai and other experts too and do not forget to tell me here if you find something positive….Although I amn't a profesional but you must have observed that I always come up with unique ideas and possiblities.

  • Zeeshan

    Replacement of sim card didn't help me at all. Let us suppose if I load 03334231109 into my old handset I receive an sms with the following words; " If you are willing to change your same number with 03214231109 then immediately call us or simply leave an sms here"…Secondly, let us suppose 03458007001 this is your number and you send me an sms on 10.05.2008 at 12.25 Hrs with these words, " How Are you Zeeshan?".In this example your sms is followed by several other messages sent from muiltiple numbers but your message is still there in the memory of my handset(Not in the sim memory)..Now on 14. 09.2008 your sms reappears on my display showing same number ,time and date..Now ponder for a while how is it possible for someone to know how much data is still existing in the memory of my handset…I greatly apologize to disturb you again and again Aamir bhai,but I have learned alot from your being just because of my curiosity.

  • Zeeshan

    `Assalamo Alaikum.This is me, Zeeshan again.The following text verifies my prediction Aamir Bhai.You may visit the URL yourself.
    All it take is an MMS to take control of somebody else's phone. The latest mobile phone spyware doing the rounds can be installed on a Java phone by just sending an MMS, followed by an SMS containing a string of Java commands that will activate the spyware. Once the spyware is installed, whenever the victim gets a call, your phone will beep and you can listen to the conversation. And every time an SMS is send, a copy of it comes to you too.
    What more, the victim does not even get a hint of somebody tapping on to his or her phone as the Java commands sent via SMS are configured in a way that they don't appear anywhere on the phone.
    Some spyware can even switch on a phone's camera and recorder from a remote location. "One can have a better look at who all are present in a meeting," says Rajat Khare, director, Appin Security Labs, a network security company. "These spyware are extremely dangerous in the current cut throat corporate scenario. Such software can also shutdown a mobile phone instantly or configure it to shutdown every 15 minutes or so," adds Mr Khare. They can destroy all data on a phone.
    The spyware is run by J2ME, or Java 2 Micro Edition, a language used for programming micro devices like PDAs, phones, home appliances and sensors. The J2ME commands sent through SMS are nothing but a string of characters which when keyed in can direct a phone to perform a certain tasks. For instance, keying in *3370# can recharge a mobile phone's battery to 50 percent from the reserve charge. Keying in 112 dials an emergency number regardless of whichever part of the world you are in.

    Most J2ME commands entered via the keypad are blocked by mobile phone makers. oHwever, spyware directs the mobile phones to perform certain tasks like send SMSes randomly, make calls, send your address book to someone else, make somebody else listen into all your calls via digital J2ME signals. It maybe frightening that you can be spied on so easily. Luckily the handset makers and telecom operators are aware of the menace and are looking for ways to counter them.
    According to security experts, subscribers should immediately get their SIM card checked by an expert seeing a rise in bills or suspicious activity like slow response time."When sending confidential data via SMS, a SMS encryption software should be used," says Mr Khare. To be on the safer side it will help to get the mobile phone checked occasionally to keep the spies at bay.
    Reference…&hellip ;

  • Ali Raza

    i think i am a bit late but today i have seen this site :P any way yes i can be done some viop service provide such thing receiving calls etc sms and if you research more you will come to know you can manipulate blue tooth also without sending a thing to person you can take control on his mobile even you can bug him like for instance think you are big company CEO you are having BOD meeting going on highly top secrete stuff and a person siting out side you office with laptop can hear everything rather your mobile is powered off blue tooth hand set used to spy also.

  • Abro

    brothers salams first of all this is nothing like that another thing is this there must be some problem in the sim card I have my relatives and friends in ufone telenor and mobilink and they completed refused that the cellphones can be hacked if this thing is so easy so that the person is bugging the guy around all the time then he can trace the calls of ministers and mds of the companies as well :) there is nothing like that and yes dosri baat this is possible by the voice over ip thing it is true and another thing is the magic card i dont know the exact word about it his sim will be copied into two i think and this can be done with the computer help to trace out the numbers :) and there is many requirements needed like the router we say the khambha :d or bridge which supplies the data (signal) and other network access codes break another thing i have to mention is this for this you have to break many securities man and it is not possible to find a flaw in every security framework :) i hope you all can understand even you can search on internet even the americans have not gone through any this kind of thing yes there was the crime in cellphones like the recovery softwares once i rad the news which says the actor name who sold out his cellphone to the local shop dealer and the shopkeeper reversed its memory card info and gain whole accounts numbers and other stuff and another thing which i forgot to tell my relatives said it is only have to be done when there is some agencies involed and another things you see the movies every high tech movies in hollywood none of it shows the direct tracing of the cellphone call man they break the signals code and then retrieve the data once there was some rumor that dont pick the call from the 4 digit number and when i called my friend from voip service the number came into his screen was 1101 so he turned off the cellphone for the week :p haha nothing like that

    • Rashid Ali

      Dear Abro your relatives must be running short of technical knowledge. There is no doubt that modern Gsm systems secure the wireless links with a sophisticated encryption mechhanism.But GSM cellular transmissions are encrypted only between Mobile set and its nearest Base Station. After the BTS, the protocols between MSC and BSC (BSSAP) and inside the operator's network (MAP) are unencrypted..Modern exchanges are equipped with advanced software features such as conferencing and call diverting and in the presence of these features , the illegal intercept is much easier to pull off with the assistance of someone inside a mobile company. Apart of this drawback, attacks on signaling networks are also possible because of this vulnerability. If someone has access to the service provider's servers(signaling system) then he is capable of knowing everything that comes across these servers., allowing him to read or modify the data on fly.

  • Haider

    You may visit regional office of the PTA and they will tell you how to cope with this problem.As far as the matter of 1101 or four digit code is concerned, PTA authorities confirm that there isn't any such software and that was a rumor.GSM data interception is a living reality and no one can deny its existence.The LI interceptors can even tell you the location of a cellular device within 200 yards of a KHAMBA.You should keep it in remembrance that someone intercepted the telephone call of General Musharraf and Deceased benazir bhutto's political deal and later on had handed it over to the US.So the common folks have no exception.That which is a job for one is amusement for another !!!Really informative debate anyway !

  • angel_04

    I have just stumbled upon all of this information as i am having a similar problem Pretty overwhelmed by all of this info.. I'm not exactly the techno savvy type, so forgive me if this seems like a simple compiant to deal with.

    Latley my phone has been adding content to messages i have sent to people. It seems this has been the pattern…

    When it first started the original message would be recieved then a second copy of the exact same message would follow.

    Some other times the first would send then a second with only parts of the origional messge would follow (most times the first half).

    Then, after i would send an sms the a second would follow with with parts of my origional message but with extra content added.
    This extra content doesn't make sense to the contxt of the original message and are sentences or questiion which do make sense for example I send a text to my mate "thanks, your the man steggs" and the sencond text read "thanks, your the man steggs do you want to play strip poker"…It was kinda amusing to start but this will soon get me into trouble, if this was my boss, not so funny. now everytime i send a messga the same thing happens. Also the massgaes are abriviated and use smily's, they have to be written by someone.. I v=called my service provider who have fobed me off and told me to put my sim in another phone. I am yet to get on to the manufactuer but i expect to get little help form them sepecially if i am dealing with some kind of spywear.
    Do you think this is the case?
    and if so to use spywear (if thats what it is liky to be) do you have to be within specific range of the device? As you do for bluetooth. Or could this person live a millions miles away?

    • @angel_04, we have discussed all this in detail, and found that such hacks are possible only if someone has access to your service provider's network.

      There is no other known hack possible in a GSM network.

      In your scenario, specifically, it can be system error too – which is splitting or cross combining messages. We had this example, where SMS receivers used to get tens of copies of same message. So nothing to worry much, if the issue is only with your SMS.

      Talk to your service provider again, and ask for some experienced support officer. Let him/her know the issue… they are the only ones who can help you.

      • Zeeshan

        @Aamir Attaa, I must say a word of thanks to you and other patrons over this blog who helped me alot to understand the technical how and why which was related to my problem besides I am greatly indebted to my friends Naeem Khattak, Imran Siddiqui, Mazharuddin Mahr, Riaz, Wajahat, Azhar and to Bha Ghulam Nabi Mahr who stood by my side to help me resolve the issue…I will most certainly continue to visit your site. Thank you very much indeed once again for being so responsive and for everything you made in my favor Aamir Bhai. I wish you good luck, longevity and prosperity in your future..This is I, Zeeshan.

      • Rameez Kakakhel

        Hi Aamir Bhai,
        I guess i am late to the party here :p Anyways, about GSM security than GSM is hack-able. The encryption algorithm used in GSM is around 20 years old. Aamir Bhai I guess you know about ‘Rainbow Tables’ used for hacking LM/NTLM hashes? That’s the hint to hacking GSM.
        Method two is to pretend to be a Base Station for That Network and when the person calls the call goes through you.
        Won’t go deep but it is fairly OK to assume that you can’t do it in Pakistan unless you have some strong motives and that doesn’t involve teasing someone for no reason, it involves something like operating an international mafia or drug ring.
        About ZEESHAN, well I didn’t go through all the posts (tl;dr) but He’s just the target of Caller ID Spoofing in my opinion and that’s it. A fairly easy and cheap thing thing to do these days (want your own or want to pay someone else for it, your choice) & it is legal in the US.
        Couple that with your person in the Telco who can give you call records and SMS messages and a deadly weapon is ready.
        Seriously, who doesn’t know that the employees of these companies are involved in information theft. One can get a call list and SMS list of any person from any telco if you have a close contact there. What you do next is spoof your caller ID to anyone from that list.
        p.s. Zeeshan don’t worry about being hacked and worms and viruses and trojans and Oh My God! all those alien stuff, Lolz! (unless you’re the son of a tycooon that is :p)… If you are ‘Oh GOD! I am dying’ worried the network being hacked move to CDMA… Lol! you’ll still get the calls :p

  • Psycho Joker

    It is not that much easy as you all saying
    All the info … msg n other stuff is in complete coding
    no one can hack or crack this this things… not even operator.

    For Crack msg or Call you need a particular gnu-radio system…
    it is band … up till now only Israeli Scientists Crack GSM Mobile Call Security…

    try this link for more info


    • Rashid Ali

      Extraordinary is not the birth right of the chosen ones Psychojoker !

  • noumaan jani

    please any one tell me how to use free gprs on telenor i used noki6600 please tell me as soon as possible

  • Samuel Niaz

    I would like to know as to which GSM networks this hacking has taken place. Me and my fiance r using u fone n she is being troubled by spoof calls n sms, I think its her third time she changed her no in the u fone network.

  • Victor

    Can one listen to others coversation via Nokia, which make

  • i need help.some 1 tell me how to trace location by a moblie number

  • if some one is using his/her fone,then how can his/her location be traced down?

    • Qasim

      yes it is possible in ufone sim only

  • Rashid Ali

    The usage of wireless communications, particularly cellular phones in our country has grown dramatically in the past ten years. Unfortunately, this has also led to a huge security problem-the radio signals transmitted and received by these devices can easily be intercepted, compromised, and exploited. Whenever a new technology comes, it gets hacked sooner or later. Cellular phone hacking, for now, is a fact of life that affects a few of us. The transmitting and receiving of radio signals make these devices vulnerable to electronic threats like eavesdropping and cellular spoofing.
    Electronic eavesdropping can be explained as “listening to or recording of a cellular call without the permission or knowledge of the calling and/or receiving party”. Eavesdroppers do this by using radio frequency scanners and other receiving equipment to find and listen to the frequencies used by the device
    A number of government agencies, as well as third parties, infiltrate mobile networks and record phones calls. However, the GSM association in October 2002 came up with a new security algorithm, known as A5/3, which provides GSM mobile phone users with a higher level of protection against eavesdropping. But unfortunately, hackers have successfully cracked the A5 and have proved to the association that GSM is still insecure. There are reportedly some internet communities who are running research project s about gnu radio and homebuilt GSM receivers/scanners.
    These scanners are very much similar to the LI interception equipment which facilitate fully passive (non-detectable) off air interception of GSM communications. It employs totally covert operation to both target phone as well as network provider and intercept SMS, UMTS with Recording facility of conversations onto PC hard disk, or to exterior recording system plus additional Ability to listen & tape conversations in real time. • Once any of the number has been stored (as the TMSI, IMSA, or the IMEI) these scanners automatically log into the target’s cell phone if it is in operation in the network. • The system operates on both the Non Encrypted and Encrypted GSM Networks completely independently of the Cellular Provider. 100% of the targets information (such as phone number, IMSI, IMEI TMSI, Kc, Kl, ID info..etc.) These units are capable to generate text messages on behalf of any GSM user (Spoofing).

    The idea of sending SMSes (text messages) to crash a mobile phone seemed a remote possibility until late last year when a Dutch security researcher revealed that it was possible. By means of this tactic, hackers can send a camouflaged program or send it a virus. In this way a hacker can gain access and take over for cell phone spying and remote mobile phone hacking. According to a news report, the Indian Department of Telecom (DoT) has taken a serious note against reported hacking attempts of mobile phones through SMS or through manipulating mobile numbers. With these bitter facts, it cannot be guaranteed that your phone is not hackable. It should be remembered that the relevant authorities and phone companies work hard to deliver the best technology and conveniences to the subscribers – but the cell phone hackers work just as hard to be the first to break the systems designed to defeat them. It is an ongoing battle and we will largely have to help ourselves to cope with these things.

  • Biswajit Das

    i m interested this,i want the hack the mobile using blutooth

  • sahota

    how we can hack mobile of others and transfer her balance in mine mobile……!!

    • Rashid Ali

      @sahota, My dear friend why are you carrying a mobile phone if you can't afford it? God forbid, are you dealing with the bandits !

  • Bilal


    I am all Right by the Grace of Allah and I wish you the same.
    Can any body tell me how to hack a mobile call?
    How we make free calls from our mobile?
    please I want reply if anyone in PAKISTAN.


  • aslam

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    a caller current location in pakistan.tell me thanks my email address is.
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  • Tahir

    hi to all!

    about hacking into somones mobile and all, just to let people know, i myself have listened to many convos of mobile by a trick i have, this trick is really really simple and you can suddenly get into a random convo going on at the time, but this trick only works in mobilink, when i know that this is possible so easily then i am dead sure anything can be done and one more thing their is even a software that you can install in a mobile and then gift tht mobile to someone and you will be able to recieve the messages that are recived on that mobile and you can even listen to the convo,s.

    • salia

      Are you able to explain how they hack into mobilink calls?

  • Melisa

    My husband has been cheating on me with his first cousin want to listen to his mobile phone as she rings him on that only

  • zak

    sumbody can hear my all voice calls….whatever i talk with my bf…theres a guy he knows all that…how shud i dtop it…i have a ufone connection….plz help…my id is [email protected]

    • Help Other

      this is possible if someone purchase GSM INTERCEPTOR which are availble in black market in Pakistan. i am using these interceptor and you dear dial a specific number ……………………..
      you ll get all the call recording in voice
      contact me if you want

      • ali usa

        hello my name is ali iam from usa i was reading u talking about the gsm interceptor is there a possible way of me buying this gsm from pakistan what are the prices on this devis. how would i know its the real thing and not a fake do u have any pics that i would be able to see and if u have one orig. gsm interceptor are u willing to sale or help me get my hands on one plz reply asap thanks ( if u are inter. let me know and i will have my number avlib. for u )

  • Alee

    Im no expert in hacking… But i was browsing some symbian applications …and i came accross this one application…which if i send to anyone ..i can listen to there conversations and and there text messages…i think its possible ..everyone should install antivirus and antispyware …from trendmicro or f-secure

  • Aatif_04

    salaam everyone is it possible to trace some one number if u know his or her mobile IMEI number

    • Help Other

      this is very simple to track someone if you know IMEI number

  • asad

    My dear friends,can you help me how i hack or tracing the another call on u fone number,i really tense.Plz Suggest or help me.


  • Riaz Ahmed

    what has been described here is quite extreme, and from what I know about Wireless hacking and viruses a lot of this could have been done on the Wireless service providers servers. It is very easy for a hacker to get your new numbers, and all the SMS data over a single network.

  • shahzad khan

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  • billi.khan

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    and listen gayz this all activiteies is possible b.coz i m a hacker gaye..

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  • Ali

    How to hacking mobile calls.

  • Omer

    Hii everyone
    I just read ur article. its a distressing situation that has started happeneing in Pakistan. There are many ways of doing this.
    1. Most common and easiest ways for a script kiddie to achieve such result is by SIM CLONING. The time the article was published it was a new method. It has increased now to some extent.
    2. Now a days even some spy cell phones are in market. Even though they are expensive but for a freak who likes to disturb others and exploit their privacy its nothing. These phones can be bought online on any spy shop.
    4. There are some software available for spying on cell phone’s which should be downloaded once on a phone and then it remains hidden and it sends all the information on ur cell phone that what messages ,calls were sent to whome and when etc… One such software is flexyspy. I know i should’nt had told the name but its because u can search for it and see how effective it can be.
    3. Another most effective method is by building a scanner or buying one. Cell phones usually operate in 800 to 900 Mhz or depends which Gsm is used in any area. SO if one can pick up these signals he can just break into any call. But its not the 19th century when analog signals were used. Now a days every thing is digital and if u have to break into a call u will first have to decript the signal or in other crack the encription. So this might not be ur case because it requires a deep knowledge of signals and encriptions. and a freak like the one u mentioned is not probabily having such knowledge.
    If u want complete privacy or if possible use an encripted cell phone which is quite hard to break into.
    Its a misconception now a days that u are safe with electronic devices But the fact is all electronic devices are vunerable. So please dont depend entirely on them.
    Student of Electronic engineerning

  • Hassan

    Most people here with genuine issues seem to be plagued with problems where people inside mobile networks are involved. I’m a first hand victim of this. Had my personal information published on websites and somebody made a fake profile of mine on facebook and still regularly updates the information from my phonecalls. I called up mobilink’s helpline and demanded to know who I should address such complaints to, the person at the helpline asked me dumb questions like what kind of information was being leaked and then bluntly told me, Sir it is not possible. I asked him repeatedly as to who I should address such complaints to and all his words ‘yeh complaint hoti hee nahi, then thank you for calling ..’ *click*. An hour later, i received a call from a number with the same digits as mine, except it started with 0305, instead of my 0303. I called back and after a couple of ‘tones’ somebody picked up the phone, said nothing and ended the call. After that, the number went ‘The number you’ve dialed is powered off’.
    I managed to get the ip address of the person through facebook and the isp that person uses is linkdotnet. Later, i traced that person out and happened to be a friend of a friend, working in mobilink billing.
    He continues to harass me, there’s little cell phone companies will do. Firstly, I don’t think they’ll ever admit to loss of privacy as it will open up major lawsuits for them.
    I think as a summation, it would be good if somebody could recap comprehensively in a single post how and if conversations over GSM networks are possibly heard or monitored internally.

  • ethical HACKER

    it is not possible to ‘hack’ any sim by unathorized access to any networt or by breaking network servers. only the owner(who have login or password to access the network e.g zong,ufone etc)can do this .they only make a duplicate of victim,s sim. and use. for more info contact me [email protected]

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  • AAMIR BHAI, plz tell me,, how i can hack ufone sim,,, i mean ka. i want call n msgs details of a ufone numbr. n i m having NIC numbr of that ufone numbr,,and IMSI number,,, and i knw the adrees of thah person as well,plz i m in trouble……….. KINDLY REPLY ME ON ( [email protected] )


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  • Annie

    Aoa…MR.Zeshan ,i m facing this problem from 2006..i m also software engnr,but i fails to get rid of this,i have changed many cells,sims, cellular services,but fails..there is no privacy on my cells, they have hacked all of my contacts,pictures,sms,balance etc…my cell show unexpected behaviours such as suddenly back light of mobile blinks in standby mode,too much distortion during calls,unknown calls and many more….plzzzz help me to get rid of this headache.. I would be very thankful to you.plz tell me how she hacked my any cell remotely and how it is possible,plzz need ur email I.D is [email protected]

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  • Malik

    (Pakistan Cyber Crime Ordinance)
    Electronic forgery.-Whoever for wrongful gain interferes with data,
    electronic system or electronic device, with intent to cause damage or injury to the
    public or to any person, or to make any illegal claim or title or to cause any person to
    part with property or to enter into any express or implied contract, or with intent to
    commit fraud by any input, alteration,d eletion,o r suppressiono f data,r esultingi n
    unauthenticd ataw ith the intentt hati t be consideredo r actedu ponf or legalp urposes
    as if it were authentic, regardless of.the fact that the data is directly readable and
    intelligible or not shall be punished wiih imprisonment of either description for a term
    which may,extendt o seveny ears,o r with fine or with both.

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    Yeah itz p0ssible.. Itz called sim cl0ning.. That sim’s name is magic sim.. U can cl0n 16 numberz in it.. Jst google it u’l knw da wh0le thng..

  • Sohail Ahmad

    Deal all, I just want to advise you guys to use Blackberry or iPhone handsets (though I’m using android but it can be infected) with Telenor/Mobilink Postpaid SIM which has been security tagged by visiting their office. Use BBM/ iMessage or Whatsapp/ Gtalk instead of SMS and don’t put your previous sim into new handset, instead buy a new one from CSC and apply security tag.

  • Sheeda Barood

    below mentioned services can be intercepted

    o Fiber, xDSL, Cable, TDM/SDH/SONET

    o GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS (3GPP), CDMA2000 (3G), WiMAX (4G), WiFi, Satellite

    o VoIP (SIP, H.323, MGCP), IMS/NGN, Push-To-Talk (PoC), Instant Messaging, MMS, SMS

    below mentioned site will help you to verify my claim.

  • bilal

    there are lot of ways by catching IMSI or IMEI..
    even agencies have special phones for agents to protect them from such attacks…

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  • Guest


  • Muhammad UmeR

    yeah it’s true i am face this problem but how can stop this thing on my numbers.

  • danish mehmood

    number trace kasy karty han yar plz btana….

  • Hasan

    It could be possible. Those men must be tracked and stopped before it gets dangerous.

  • Naveed

    One can have multiple sim’s having the same number (assigning multiple imsi’s to the same msisdn) which can be done via sim cloning or manually adding it in the hlr on the operator end. It is interesting to see this scenario because the imsi should be stated in the hlr before the user can use it. (56-sendauthinfo in case of a mobile originating service request).
    It is fairly common when you require a micro sim for the new smatphones, the operator issues a new sim and both sim’s can work simultaneously

    Secondly if someone has installed spyware on your mobile phone, then its more like a trojan, the master can do whatever he pleases.

    Operators usually have probing systems which can track the caller’s information.
    So if the hacker calls you, the operator can actually track him, weather the call is from the local network or it is coming from some other network. It can even track its location if it is from the same network.

    I would say changing your phone should be the first step and then changing your sim(imsi) along with your number (msisdn).

    I have seen cases where one user (msisdn) has multiple sim’s (imsi’s) assigned to same number running 3G (RANAP/GTPv1) internet simultaneously to increase speed.
    The operator blocked the imsi’s which were not assigned to the user.

    I have not seen cases for LTE yet, probably S1AP is hard to crack along with Diameter authentication and GTPv2.

  • johny jazz

    sure it’s possible we are using the gsm/gprs technology and surely it is hackable more over a newbie can even do this by telecom tower by just connecting it’s device with the lines avaliable from the tower server .. i got two stories to tell you
    ” Once me and my friend who was a student of Fast-Lhr went to see his friend , his friend was not home and was with a senior batch student of fast-Lhr he said to come their as he won’t be able to come home right now , so we went and what we saw in his home was undescribeable he got a whole network setup in his room there were i think 8 monitors and 6 computers including 3 servers and i was shocked that time , i was’nt a CS student at that time so i ahven’t asked him what he was upto , my friend told me that he has built his own network now his phone is connected to that and now he dont have to recharge he can call anyone anywhere by using any name or number even his original number and also he can recieve call or msgz from the same number ” surely that would be true
    Another one
    ” This one happened 2 months ago , happened in my city (won;t tell u much detail) my friend home is near to the Telecom tower , the telecom guard was his friend , i was curious that what will be their, so i asked my friend to let ur friend enter us their , which he allowed and you won’t imagine i just plug-in with Lan and just only a Tool as i was checking if i can do it or not and what you can imagine was that that i was feeling like the CEO of that telecom company ”
    now you can imagine what i was trying to say ” Every thing is possible is this world , You just have to be smart enough “

  • adeel

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  • famey

    I’m also going through same situation, I’ve received 3 to4 messages from unknown mobile numbers and than after two days by chance I saw the screen of my cell, there was some message that some person M. Tahir’s password matched,I immediately clicked No and see my cell data, but it was in process so I turned off the phone and remove Warid sim, Now my sim is blocked automatically. All data in sim is blocked too or may be hacked, I asked to warid helpline but they simply refused and said there is no hacking possible they can’t help and I’ve to reopen my sim or purchase a new one. This is Pakistan where mostly young guys from lower middle class are getting education and mostly are studying computer sciences and using this useful education for hacking accounts and data for very small amount.

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