Broadband Internet in Pakistan compared to India and Bangladesh

We have seen much boom in internet broadband market in Pakistan; situation is much better than the recent years. Now we can have 1 MB link in less than Rs. 2,000 which was as high as Rs. 60,000 just couple of years ago; thanks to LinkDotNet and PTCL.

However, we are still required to compete hard when it comes to the customer services and number of broadband customers in the country, which are merely one hundred and thirty thousands. And I believe, customer services become vital to increase the strength. We have got huge number of heads in our country, now exceeding 160 million mark, so if service is offered in good manners, no doubt that inhabitants will love to acquire it.

When compared with India, situation is quite satisfactory as we are not lacking far behind. Broadband in India is still capped with download limit contrary to a free hand given to customers here in Pakistan. This particular package named as BSNL 500 Combo offers 215 Kbps speed in 500 Indian Rupees, however, you have liberty of un-metered download only at night; in addition BSNL also offer no line rent and 175 free local calls with the bundle.

Pakistan Government should now look forward at strategies to offer free internet to some selected segment. Obviously it would be nothing less than day dreaming if we think of free internet for everyone, but school and universities should get this free internet treat at least. We know that Bangladesh has offered free broadband internet for more than 40,000 state-run primary schools. Not only this, you can get broadband internet in Bangladesh at 25 percent of rack rates if you are a school, even the private one.

India also announced last year they are going to offer free 2 MB internet broadband link to every citizen by year 2009. Okay, don’t do that “Free for All” in Pakistan, but we may start with our schools, universities, libraries etc….to at-least kick things going.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK