Mobilink Launches WiMAX in Pakistan

Mobilink, second WiMAX service provider of Pakistan, has finally hit the WiMAX surface by introducing its services in Karachi in its first phase of countrywide rollout plan.

Uzair Ahmed broke the story on TGP backed with two official documents that reveal Mobilink’s WiMAX services, pricing and few other details. Named as Mobilink Infinity, WiMAX services would be offered in Karachi only, as a soft launch, until they are successfully tested and taken to other regions of Pakistan as well.

Their official webpage is not displaying anything yet. Also the news is missing in main stream electronic and print media. But there are couple of evidenced on fellow blogs, that confirm the existence of Mobilink Infinity.

Let’s look into tariff details before going into further details…!

  • Free Installation is for customers subscribing before September 30, 2008
  • Unlimited Internet Access
  • Free calls to All Mobilink Infinity and Mobilink GSM Users (for limited Time)

Well prices look stunning, they are far better than any other broadband service provider in Pakistan. Mobilink Infinity has broken the PKR 2,000 barrier for 1 Mbps link (unmetered) that was being offered by LinkDotNet, PTCL and other ISPs, and taken it down to just PKR 1,199; not only this, the package comes with VoIP privileges, and that too with Free calls from WiMax (Infinity) to WiMax (Infinity) and on any Mobilink GSM Subscribers (Defiantly a limited time offer), but this a treat.

But hold on, there is a bad news! With Mobilink Infinity you will have to pay almost PKR 16,000 for installation equipment (CPE) and security. However, for promotional period, this first time payment is lessened to PKR 8,000. Home users may not like to pay this huge amount. Other wise things seemed so well.

Considering the 1 Mpbs pricing, they could have taken 512 Kbps package down to PKR 500 to meet most in-expensive internet available in the world. But PKR 999 is not bad too!

Apart from pricing, services, response time, customer support, reliability and network uptime are other features that would come under consideration in the long run. We know that WiMAX is an evolving technology; hence, like any voice/data network, we should expect issues earlier on, but once streamlined, Mobilink Infinity is going to give tough time to not only Wateen but other broadband service providers too.

Wateen Telecom must be eying the situation very closely, and may revise their packages immediately. Currently they are offering capped packaged with limited download/upload capacity.

I see lot of potential in WiMAX market in Pakistan, specifically when we see than Wateen has acquired 25,000 customers in a short span of time, we will have to see in coming months, what Mobilink Infinity is going to do, which is apparently lot better than of Wateen in terms of monthly rental and coverage.

Mobilink will have to invest some money by subsidizing the WiMAX equipment (which is going to cost a user PKR 16,000), if they really want to get some good subscriber base.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Prety Coolllllllll

    But the instaliation & CPE charges is so High Middle class not aford this.

  • Prety Coolllllllll

    But the instaliation & CPE charges is so High Middle class not aford this.

    security is the bad idea.

  • AsSAlamoAlaikum…

    I want to subscribe for Mobilink wimex, anyone can tell me how coudi i apply for thiz.

    please reply.
    or call me 03452815805

  • @ Zuhaib

    Mobilink is not commercially offering WiMAX (they are currently testing this service) and that too for Karachi only. You can try your luck by sending an request on this email: [email protected]

    Mobilink infinity website is also not functional yet.

  • I believe Wateen has already pitched 22 cities and getting first mover advantage. They have much cheaper recurring charges as well as compared to PTCL.

  • hello,
    If anyone of you are interested to have an Infinity connection, let me know.
    My cell # is 0300-8256273.


  • hey danish khan. i have been using ptcl dsl for the past 2 months . and believe me im not at all satisfied with their service. please tell me about ur infinity connection… will be waitinf for ur reply

    Rana Ibraheem Maqsood

  • Any one tell me how can i watch tv without any software and only realplayer can play this

  • It would be a shared link of 1MB, i am not sure because it seems to be a marketing tactics to increase customer base. It might be reduce to 512K after actual launching of Mobilink infinity. Because if it’s the shared connection of 1 MB then in future they can add 5-6 user so it would be equivalent to 512 K or less that’s impact bad to the existing customer. Mr. Danish can you confirm this please ?

  • Just i wanna purchase mobilink vimax internt connection can any one tell me the net speed their working becos i already have the netdotlink DSL connection pls reply any one whos already usiing mobilink wimax waiting for reply

  • HI All,wellcome to mobilink wimaxx , but inform u all wateen has stabled its network in three years, so what abt mobilink can stable its network sharply

  • i wanted to use net on my mobile having mobilink connection, will it be reliable rather than other tele services and also send me the package details if any one know.

    thanks & regards
    Ghulam e mustafa

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