Khabar-daar, Hoshyaar

Thanks to a friend, Ahmed Usman (Lahore) who sent me this picture, which says that throughly check before entering that either lift is present or not; in other case you may go down without lift : – ) This picture is allegelly taken on second or third floor of a plaza in Lahore.

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  • lol, however, don’t try to catch him :)

  • Nayni

    They’ve forgot to add the following sentence …

    ” And If you find a person coming down without LIFT , please check Whether LIFE is Present in HIM or Not ;)

  • Admin

    I think this pic and information copied/stolen from . I have read it there few days ago…..

  • maybe…i didn’t notice it there. However, get me a link so i can quote accordingly.


  • Adeel.Raj

    I have seen this picture alot of time. but its still funny