Dr. Yaseen, Chairman PTA's Appointment Challenged Ethically

Protected by President Musharraf, and duly extended tenure of Ex-Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Autority (PTA) Maj. Gen (R) Shahzada Alam Malik at last reached to an end when he was shown the way to home by PPP government through premature termination of their contracts.

Following our national history and democratic culture, merit was assaulted yet another time in the bureaucratic front of Pakistan when Dr. Mohammed Yaseen overtook his senior colleague and member PTA Syed Nasurl Karim Ahmed Ghaznavi and became the chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

As per Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-Organization) Act, 1996, Federal Government is responsible for the appointment of Chairman PTA. Government can select from Two Members of PTA board.

Dr Yaseen joined PTA board as member technical in October 2006 while Syed Nasurl Karim Ahmed Ghaznavi is a civil servant from 1974 batch, clearly getting a lead in terms of seniority.

Sources, familiar with the scenario, commented that this appointment can be termed as a true translation of Dr. Yaseen’s affiliation with PPP and his background from Sindh (though Dr. Yaseen was born in Gujranwala but moved to Sindh in his early childhood). Sources further unveiled that Dr. Yaseen joined PTA as 19th grade officer and was promoted to grade 21 in 2006 and now he is the head of a department in just 2 years, where as Mr. Ghaznavi was promoted to 21st grade in year 2001.

When contacted Federal Government, they responded with a justification that PTA is a technical department, hence requires more technical orientation and abilities instead of finance, so Dr. Yaseen was chosen unanimously by the committee.

Telecom analysts are opining other way; they firmly believe that Syed Nasurl Karim Ahmed Ghaznavi deserved this office as Chairmanship is not an engineering slot instead the head is responsible for regulate the telecom sector. Moreover, member technical is always there to look into technical matters if they ever arise. “Whatever the case is, there is no doubt that the supremacy of merit has been compromised” said a telecom analyst.

Mr. Ghazhnavi has been associated with telecom sector since 1992. Who can be a better regulator than him? Being an officer of Pakistan Audit and Account, which are trained in the art of regarding the public sector organization.

It is learned through reliable sources in PTA that authority is making massive changes in PTA in the name of “Reconstruction”, while remove senior and trained officers from their responsibilities and deputing less experiences and new people on a very delicate and important job slots.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • We will see more appointments….this is disastrous for telecom…lets hope everything goes fine..

  • Dear Amir,your aticle seems merely a matter of liking or disliking.Also mention that Dr Yaseen is a PHD in telecom and having vast international experience in telecom sector then how come it is against merit.As per practice Chairman PTA is always a telecom engineer which Mr Ghaznavi is not. Perhaps you are not still aware of the wrongdoings done by those”senior” PTA officers who are being transfered now or may be you like all their such acts.

  • @ Jehanzeb.

    Thanks for your valued comment, i agree with what you have said. It is matter of fact that i never challenged Dr. Yaseen’s capabilities, but i was just discussing how merit was not considered. Telecom Act does not say that the Member Technical can only be the Chairman PTA , it says one of two members…!


  • There is a main problem in our country, that we do not look for merit and seniority, The Post of Chairman, PTA is also an administrative and Dr. M. Yaseen has not administration experience, Mr. ghaznavi is more competant than Dr. Yasin, as he has vast experience of telecom sector and administration as well. For this post it was the right of Mr. ghaznavi more so the chairman pta is supported by the Member (Technical and Fin), Dr. Yasin could be considered after the turn of his senior

  • Merit should be the only factor. If Ghaznavi shaib is more qualified then he should have been the head. My only disagreement is with the notion of “seniority”.

    By the way – the head of PTA is not an administrator – has to be a competent leader.

  • helllooo i think we need a wake up call dont u think? Im afraid u didnt consider the fact that Syed Nasurl Karim Ahmed Ghaznavi is the member finance of PTA while dr. Yaseen was the former member tech. PTA is a TELECOMMUNICATION authority when considering both these posts it is obvious that the person holding the post of Member tech is more competent for running of a telecom authority according to his background and qualifications in telecommunications for example Dr Muhammad Yaseen who has a PHD in telecommunications then a person such as Mr.Ghaznavi holding the finance section of the authority and only has a finance background and no telecommunication experience.

    This country is going to the dogs because of un qualified people being appointed on senior posts. This appointment Of Dr. muhammad yaseen is a breath of fresh air and will help paksiatns telecommunication industry thrive further. Not only does he have a PHD in this feild but he also has foreign experience and ideas which will overall benefit Pakistan.

    In my oppinion the government has done a fine job in the appointment of Dr Muhammad Yaseen. Good luck to him

    • PhD is no criteria to make someone a leader of an organization. How many CEOs of successful companies have a PhD; not even 10%.
      Just did a quick search on university of essex and doesn’t seem like a well ranked school.

  • Ayesha, Dr. Yaseen is posted by Mr. Yaseen in the wake of coming 3G licenses, which certainly they want to award to their dear ones as it has been done during the last regime with one of the players….

  • Dr Mohammed Yaseen, recently appointed Chairman Pakistan Telecom Authority, is an Australian Citizen. How safe is it for Pakistan to have a foreigner handling such a highly sensitive position when telecommunication is fundamental to national security ? He is not eligible to hold such a key position.God save Pakistan.

  • I think you people are just looking at senirity why dont you see the education he is having and if someone is from sindh its never mean he is from PPP may be he is not…Dr.Mohammad Yaseen has been appointed Chairman, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). After graduating from DCET (NED), he achieved Ministry of Science and Technology Scholarship in 1987 and completed his Ph.D. in 1992, from University of Essex, England with specialization in Telecommunication Systems. After his PhD, he worked for:

    Essex University, England, as Senior Research Officer

    PTCL Pakistan, as Director Strategy

    Alcatel Submarine networks Australia as System and Project Engineer,

    Advanced Networks and System Australia as Senior Consultant

    He was working in Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) as Member Technical for the last almost three years. He has 30 International and national publications on Telecom technologies, ICT growth, Strategies and design of telecom networks.

    Dr. Yaseen has represented PTA at various International and National forums including Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT), where he was selected as Vice Chairman, APT, Study Group 2 (Networks).And no one has the right to say that if any one is holding nationality of other country he is not sincere or lack sicerity towards pakistan…..He is an honest man and we should not talk like this without solid proof…

    • @jia, I agree on all what you have said…except “we should not talk like this without solid proof…”

      It is on record that he was junior to Member Finance…

      But thanks for your input, it added value to the article

      • you are right but is seniority important….I dont know much about the whole topic but I know Mr Yaseen personally that’s why I am writing….Would you think that Member Finance is moe capable then Mr Yaseen. Would you think that he has some relation with PPP. Is he a sort of person who can use his links to any political party for any post.Is his nationality can be a problem for country If not then why a big ????? marks on his appointment.

  • Suppose we have food regulatory authority, who would you guys think should run that? A person of expert in Food Sciences or Army person or Finance person? Who will you trust with your health? Knowledge intensive industries (who deal with much else than common sense), need to be handled by knowledgeable people. I wonder if Finance guy, no matter if he joined PTA in 1992 or 1982, can even explain, what spectrum is, much else than manage it.

  • Dr. Yaseen, wow you have done well mate! Last time I saw you were …… in a Sydney market. Great results buddy !!!

    [Comment edited by Admin]

  • Like blocking of you tube and face book

    My appeal to the government of Pakistan and chairman of PTA that they should blocked all Sex websites.

    Which did great harm to our young generation or humari nujawaan nasal ko bemaar kar ke rakh diya hai.

    well wisher of beloved great country Pakistan.

    shakeel hussain


  • I complaints against ufone because He is not port out my network.i have requested to ufone to port out on 29th july,2010 for prepaid number 03339833365.I have also complaints t ufone complaint cell and PTA complaints cell but no action has been taken against ufone.what i do where I go for complaints…..no one even listen to me…..thank you

  • thanks for the valuable knowledge u guys have shared, i want to add something which is very material and substantial; Dr. Yaseen was appointed as member technical PTA in 2005 and while his term was about to be over in 2009 (as he was appointed for 4 years)he is made chairman PTA in 2008 which is an illegal attempt to enhance his tenure of service. Federal govt can appoint chairman amongst the members who have already been appointed for some period of time and appointing that member as chairman does not in any way justify the extension of his tenure.
    summarizing it, i would like to say that Dr. Yaseen could be appointed for remining term of his services as Member PTA and that term expires in 2009; hence the acting chairman is on the post without any lawful authority and for such an illegal appointment i can do nothing but to salute the concerned department for having such a sufficient knowledge of law regulating PTA and appointment of its body etc.


  • what ever i think shahzada alam malik ex pta chief has changed the telecomm and future of Pakistan…his tenure was the best .,, from bottom to top,,,,wow….excellent job…what all progress we c now is cuz of him….well done

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