Miseries of Customer Support Representatives (CSRs)

For Those who can’t read urdu, following is the English Translation of this letter

Dear Customer Service,


After salutations, it is stated that I have a very important issue. Please consider it. The issue is that my fiancee’s number is 0308-2*4*83*1. This number remains busy at some other number all through the night. I call my in-laws to ask about it but they say that my fiance is sleeping. But she is talking to someone else. I request you to provide me with the number at which my fiancee’s number remain busy at night. Please this is very important.

Thank you.

Your customer!

This letter, originally posted at Ordinary Girl’s Blog (Thanks to her for allowing me to use this letter), clearly indicates the miseries of customer support representatives, who remain busy in solving unique, sometimes very strange and real-time created issues by their valued customers.

We have various examples of leaked audio tapes of customers making fun of CSRs who remain tied to the rules and boundries set for them despite knowing that callers are making fun of them. Cellular companies had to charge help line call, but this too didn’t effect the work load for these CSRs.

This post is actually dedicated to all CSRs of all cellular companies, and other call centers, who work really hard to ease the mobile phone experience of customers and who remain there round the clock 24×7 for our help.

And request to cellular customers to not to disrupt support guys if not required, and don’t ask them things that they can’t do.

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