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Businesses in Pakistan are now making themselves ready for internet; many of them have already proved their presence on internet. Similarly, Print Media organizations in Pakistan are excessively investing their time and workforce to make themselves available on internet.

Newspaper readers, specifically Urdu newspaper readers have multiple options to remain updated with happenings in conventional way. They can now read newspapers online exactly the same way as they appear in print version.

Daily Jang, Dawn, Daily Jinnah (Jinnah is currently offline due to maintenance) and Daily Express update their e-versions daily. Good thing about these papers is, that you can access back dated newspaper editions as well. You would be amazed to know that Daily Express has record of every edition published since July 22, 2006, rest of papers offer 7 days’ record.

  1. Dawn: (Free Registration Required)
  2. Jang: (Free Registration Required)
  3. Express: (No Registration Required)
  4. Daily Jinnah: (No Registration Required)
  5. Daiky Waqt: (No Registration Required)

So give these free online resources a try, and let me know if there is any other paper also offering its e-version.

Meanwhile, check following scan of front page from Dawn from 2020 (Got this image from

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  • Choocha

    hahaha very interesting dawn news image – Meera celebrating 25th birthday lol

  • Good post Aamir ;-)

  • Yasir Zaidi

    This is a link to the Urdu “daily waqt” newspaper’s ePaper:
    I’ve been reading it for quite some time now. Not really sure but I think it was launched sometime in early 2007.

  • safdar khan

    Great job nd hilarious indeed.

  • bhai anybody konow the epaper for THE NEWS if plz post the link for that also….

  • owais hamza

    for assad. this is ur required site, i think.

  • Aamna

    Can someone please tell me where can I find archives of The News? Particularly from 2007 to date issues. Will be grateful for assistance.

  • Seema Rehman

    ya that is a superb newspaper but u have written an article how i send it your newspaper please inform me must.

  • Seema Rehman

    ya that is a superb newspaper but i have written an article how i send it your newspaper please inform me must.

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    Your list of newspapers is great. Please also add in your list of Pakistani newspapers. is a very good urdu newspaper in Pakistan.

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    thanks for the sites as im really hunting for these sites without registration but always find this boring message of registration.

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