PTA to Take Conclusive Measures Against PTCL, if Pakistan Package Issue not Resolved

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has decided to take conclusive measures against PTCL, in case they fail to resolve “Pakistan Package” issue with the authority and other LDI/LL companies in the country.

High level industry sources have revealed that PTA has decided to take severe and conclusive measures against PTCL that has not withdrawn Pakistan Package, despite repetitive directives from the authority.

Sources said that PTCL’s Pakistan Package had raised serious concerns for LDI/LL operators of the country, who have requested Pakistan Telecommunication Authority to play its role in detaining PTCL from continuing its free nation wide calling package, as it is causing them serious losses to their businesses. In response to which authority has directed PTCL to have meeting with LDI/LL operators to get their consent on Pakistan Package within 10 days, other wise authority will have to take decision to hold up the continuity of Pakistan Package.

On an additional note, PTCL launched other packages such as “Phone N Net” and “International Plus Packages” without the approval of the PTA, told a source.  On which PTA has warned landline giant to not to repeat this practice again. It maybe recalled that all telecom operators, especially Significant Market Players (SMP) must inform the authority prior to launch of any package.

It merits mentioning here that PTA had directed PTCL to quit Pakistan Package by August 31, 2008, but those directions were put on deaf ears by PTCL administration. Telecom analysts are unable to comprehend PTA’s defensive mode against PTCL, which has been repetitively violating PTA’s directives and apparently  PTCL is bluntly ruling the Telecom Sector of Pakistan without any regulations.

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  • Saeed

    Amazing how PTCL continues to turn a deaf ear by our very own regulation authority. *sigh*