PTA’s Directions over Pakistan Package Boldly Dishonored by PTCL

We spoke a lot about PTA’s role in Telecom industry of Pakistan, where it took plenty of initiatives for the betterment of industry and our national economy, but on other hands, telecom companies very boldly kept on challenging the authority by not accepting its directives.

Very recent example of this disrespect is demonstrated by PTCL, when the landline company was directed to quit its “Pakistan Package” by August 31, 2008. However, it was not happened so…! (and this direction came after a reconsideration request by PTCL… hence it was second directive from authority)

To recall our memories, lets review the content of that official letter sent by PTA to PTCL Dated: July 30, 2008 – Ref: 15-18/08(CA)/PTA

Authority regret to inform PTCL that request for reconsideration of PTA’s decision (over the withdrawal of Pakistan Package) cannot be accepted to and authority’s directives dated 25th June, 2008 should be implemented in true letter spirit by PTCL. However, as PTCL has still not informed its subscribers about the withdrawal of Pakistan Package as directed by authority, company is directed to publicize the effect of abolishing Pakistan Package within 10 days of this letter and the Pakistan Package shall be withdrawn by PTCL by 31st August, 2008

There could be two good reasons that PTCL did not withdraw Packistan Package, either they took stay from court, or in other case they just didn’t bother much about these letters they receive from PTA on daily basis…! or Maybe, they asked for another reconsideration…!

I leave it upto my readers to decide the rest ….

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK