Pakistan Has Only 37 Million Active Cellular Users

Yes, I was too shocked when read this report by Ibrar Mustafa in Daily Jang. Report claims that Pakistan has 63 Million cellular users instead of 90 million claimed by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, and there are merely 37 Million Active Mobile users.

Ibrar Mustafa’s findings are based on a survey that was conducted by a private company in collaboration with PTA. Survey report is also supported by the fact that cellular companies were able to present data of 65 million customers to NADRA for verification till July 2008.

Most crucial statement in Jang’s report was that “PTA has approved this survey” meaning they are verifying that there are 63 million mobile phone customers in Pakistan. Report says that Dr. Yasin has been referring this particular survey report in various functions and gatherings.

Cellular Users at different points of time (as per survey)

2000-01 = 0.7 Million
2003-04 = 5 Million
2004-05 = 12.8 Million
2005-06 = 35.5 Million
2008-09 = 63 Million

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